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    Gender: female

    Race/Species: human?

    Age: early twenties?

    Class/Profession: Running scared

    Power Rating: E

    Description: a girl in a T-shirt and jeans, with sandy blue hair. She has two forelocks that she lets frame her face, but the rest is kept short.

    Personality: Scared, confused, and with the unshakeable feeling she’s missing something…

    Equipment: The clothes on her back and some money…

    Abilities: Interestingly, she has a degree of far energy in her that acts to both protect her from the more horrible eldritch forces and gives her some force against horrible things. Unfortunately, this makes her act as a lure… causing starspawn to notice her… and since she has no self-defense training…

    Backstory: Amnesia! Oh, no!

    Miscellaneous: No… of course not.


    Enveri Diiai
    STATUS: Disappeared.
    Alias: 1:1 dealer

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Immortal being?

    Age: immortal, looks mid-20s

    Alignment: neutral

    Class/Profession: Deal maker

    Power Rating: S? Does not fight.

    Description: A woman that appears to be human, wearing a long trench coat and a rather droopy wide-brimmed hat. The hat does not seem as if it should cover her eyes, but it does. There is no angle at which her eyes can be seen.

    Personality: She stands and sits in corners, never approaching anyone. She most often speaks with people that want to make deals, but will occasionally participate in a conversation. There seems to be a bit of a sad story to her.

    Equipment: She seems to have whatever the deal requires. Also, a wood block with the words "1:1 deals. Make any request.". This seems to be her sole form of advertisement.

    Abilities: Amazing reality-warping powers, which only seem to involve making her deals and defending herself. Her deals are always at a 1:1 good:bad ratio. For every good thing you get yourself, there is a bad thing of equal force that you must accept. For some things, you can just “Owe her a favor” and leave it at that… but not very many things. There are limits to her deals, but most of them they are really out there. First and foremost, she cannot directly kill anyone, or affect anyone outside the deal.

    Backstory: To come later.
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