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Thread: The Warp Walker [3.5 base class]

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    I think a 6th is too penalizing (1/2 to 1/4 is more reasonable). Some campaigns don't offer that many magic items (at least not that early on). When judging the average skill check of a level may suggest this equation: level + 3 + 3 for dex + 12 for feats + 5 for class abilities or items. At level 20 41 is the highest check you should expect. Although I suppose with a running start this is 45. Expecting any higher than that is ridiculous.
    If your that worried about this ability, I would suggest adding a clause that excludes bonuses granted by items indirectly or directly. Or you could just restrict it to skill ranks + dexterity modifier + d20 (without other modifiers).
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