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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenish View Post
    Charge doesn't double your move speed, it just allows you to move twice that.

    Is there a particular reason why the class sports non-standard 3+int skillpoints per level?
    No particular reason.
    Should it be 2 or 4? I'm guessing 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by eftexar View Post
    I think a 6th is too penalizing (1/2 to 1/4 is more reasonable). Some campaigns don't offer that many magic items. When judging the average skill check of a level may suggest this equation: level + 3 + 3 dex + 12 for feats + 5 for class abilities or items. At level 20 41 is the highest check you should expect. Although I suppose with a running start this is 45. Expecting any higher than that is ridiculous.
    If your that worried about this ability, I would suggest adding a clause that excludes bonuses granted by items indirectly or directly. Or you could just restrict it to skill ranks + dexterity modifier + d20 (without other modifiers).
    Hmm... If I did that, I would want the distance traveled due to the jump to change with each multiplier.

    EDIT: Considering some adapted rules I made, the character now no longer doubles his speed base speed until level 13, he can merely go twice as far. In addition, the damage is divided by four. Under this, before level 13, he has a +4 bonus due to speed (+8 if we take Quick). At level 13, he gains a +20 instead (28 if we take Quick) This basically increases his damage from 1 or 2 to 5 or 7. If we consider items and stuff, none of these double because they are not "Base", so 4 due to ranks, 0-5 due to the d20, 2 due to feats, ~5 due to items. Does this sound reasonable? Alternatively, we could do /2 instead, since I misunderstood the charging rule. 8 due to ranks, 0-10 due to the d20, 10 due to items, 4 due to feats, so somewhere around 20 average damage.
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