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    Xalicus Laffingstock

    Gender: Male.

    Race: Human.

    Age: 22.

    Alignment: Cowardly Good. Or, if you prefer conventional alignments, Neutral Good.

    Class: Mage/Inventor.

    Power Rating: D+ or 3.

    Description: Xalicus is a slight young man who could possibly be mistaken for a woman at first sight. He has shoulder-length straight copper hair that curls at the ends, blue eyes with a faint purple tint, and glasses. He always wears long robes, typically of dark blue or purple with a matching hooded cloak.

    Personality: Xalicus's main goals in life are to gain knowledge and to survive with his sanity intact, although he's not likely to have an easy time with the latter. Like many mages, he's curious about magic and enjoys experimenting with it. However, witnessing a variety of disasters has left him somewhat paranoid. When confronted with a possible threat, his first instinct is to find out if it's dangerous from a safe distance, and when confronted with an obvious threat, he usually runs away.

    Equipment: Xalicus has a short staff with a clear orb on the end through which he focuses his magic. In addition, he often carries with him a few hastily-assembled wands and similar magical devices.

    Abilities: Xalicus has some low-level magical abilities primarily related to light, and is also quite skilled at making magical items.

    Backstory: Xalicus's early life was mostly normal until his magical powers manifested, and then became about as far from normal as possible. His family, being mundane, distrusted his power, and the accidents he caused developing it only added to their fear. As soon as they could, they sent him away to a magical academy, hoping he would be able to learn to put his talents to good use there.

    His training at the academy was cut short by an attack by rogue mages who sought the power there. Xalicus fled to find a new place to learn, but had to move on once again after an attack by undead. Since then, he travelled from place to place, learning as much as he could wherever he could before he was forced to flee again due to attackers or experiments gone haywire

    Somehow, he managed to learn enough magic to be ready to set out on his own. However, despite his spellcasting proficiency and respectable ability to craft magical devices, he still has much to learn before he can be considered a proper wizard.

    Miscellaneous: Xalicus's magical aura, when visible, has an indigo colour.
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