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    Default Re: [3.5, Base Class] The Magic Marksman (PEACH)

    Okay, so I saw a game with a setting combining magic and the wild west and thought about browsing through the homebrewed materials here that combined both aspects. Most of what I found, although they were good, focused more on the magic aspect, but I preferred a class that leaned more on the gunslinging part. I could have just multiclassed a gunslinger with a casting class but I figured where's the fun in that. So the result, the Magic Marksman.

    The magic marksman is a concept I've been toying around with in my mind. The idea came from a Korean manwha entitled Witch Hunters, and I figured it had a nice combination of magic and gunslinging so I used it, shamelessly if I may say so myself.

    For the implementation, I had lots of concepts borrowed heavily from other homebrews that I have used. The marksmanship styles I got from Gunslinger, an awesome homebrew made by WhiteShark. For the marksman techniques, I figured I had to lose maneuvers if I wanted to gain some sort of magic, but the marksman had to have some cool nonmagical abilities as well. The result was a condensed version of maneuvers, the techniques, which mostly I got from the gunslinger's list of disciplines known, namely dspeyer's Iron Rain, Falcon's Eye, and Nightingale Feather disciplines, and The Demented One's Black Rain discipline. For the mana points, I found T.G. Oskar's ki points concept cool so I used it, for what I hoped would be a simple system for magic. Most of the mana manipulation techniques here I got from SRD spells, modified to suit the mana point concept.

    Basically this is just a potpourri of borrowed homebrew ideas put together to bring to life a concept I wanted to use in a D&D game. This is my first attempt at something like this, so please understand the lack of balance the class may have. I have tried to balance it out as much as what I know on balance would allow me, but I figured I'll just put down the concept that I have inside my head and let other more experienced people decide on which things are balance or not. So, feel free to comment on this. I would very much appreciate all of your inputs, and hopefully use them to tweak this baby.
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