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    Default [3.5, Scroungers, Everything] The Crunch of the Scroungers Campaign Setting

    This thread is intended to be the repository of homebrew mechanical content for the Scroungers Campaign Setting, a campaign setting I have been working on for some time. This campaign setting attempts to create a world of desperation, scarcity, and conflict where resourcefulness and creativity are encouraged and crucial elements of high fantasy are maintained.

    You can find the world-building elements of the setting at the above link and the new and modified mechanical game content here. I welcome any comments on any aspect of the setting.

    I know that there are some things included in this thread that I have posted in the past. In these cases, I have made updates and modifications since the original post and wanted to include them. As much as possible I have edited old threads, but some were locked, necessitating new posts. I crave your indulgence.

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