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    Default Re: [3.5, Base Class] The Magic Marksman (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikka View Post
    Very cool.

    But you might want to perhaps add what firearms rules you're using as theres a ton of homebrew, the DMs guide rules, the pathfinder rules, and the rules in half a dozen other official and unoffical books and probably magazines too for that matter.

    Other than that, its vvvvveeeeeeery cool the first six levels..
    Thanks! and I think I'll leave firearm rules to DMs since it will be dependent on what the setting would allow.

    And any suggestions to make this vvvvveeeeeeery cool the whole twenty levels?

    Quote Originally Posted by eftexar View Post
    This is probably the best magic-gun class I have seen. One nitpick though, is that versatility is too powerful to grant all at once. May I suggest instead of the versatility ability granting everything at once, that you instead gain a second progression.
    The mana point system seems pretty balanced.
    Just an idea I had, because I think of marksman as quick and a good shot but bad at melee, but why not drop the attack bonus to 10 and then grant a secondary attack progression for the use of ranged firing weapons (such as fire arms)?
    Thanks! and hmm, could you perhaps expound on this idea of yours? Like what goes and what's added, and where to place them, if it's not too much.
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