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    Default Re: [3.5, Base Class] The Magic Marksman (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by TravelLog View Post
    Alright, the game has players and a DM, so I'm just making a character. Looks like we're starting at level six. I just have a question about how I figure out my Warforged companion's stats.
    I noticed you had someone make the stats for you already. Can you maybe send it to me so I could look at it?

    Quote Originally Posted by eftexar View Post
    I wasn't sure which idea you liked so I just listed both:

    Well I was thinking of a progression like this (for replacing versatility):
    When you get Advanced Marksman at level 6 you would gain a second Marksman. At level 11 when you get Superior Marksman at level 6 you would gain a second Advanced Marksman. And at level 16 you get Master Marksman at level 6 you would gain a second Advanced Marksman.

    And for the second attack progression I was thinking you could write up a little section at the start detailing something like:
    A Magic Marksman focuses on his gunmanship over other combat. As such he uses the Fire Arms Attack (FAA) progression when using any firearm.
    -and then his normal bab would only be like 10 and then add a second progression on the chart with up to 20 for the fire arms

    Ahh, actually I thought up about implementing something similar to your first suggestion before deciding on versatility. And your second suggestion looks good as well. I'll look into this if I could use these suggestions of yours cause it might change things around. Thanks! Your input is really appreciated!
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