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    Default Re: The Disciple of the Arcane Order (3.5 Base Class)

    Quote Originally Posted by peterpaulrubens View Post
    This is confusing.

    You list out the types of damage. Are those the Disciple's choice as to what type of damage she gets? Or does it coincide with the descriptor of the spell? If the latter, what damage type does Obscuring Mist or True Strike yield?
    Those are the choices. I'll add wording to that effect later.

    Does that mean you can imbue up to the number of gauntlet-wearin'-hands you have?

    Or does it mean that you can use multiple spell slots to boost your damage? As a first level Disciple I'd be highly tempted to use both of my 1st level spell slots and get a 2d6+1d3 damage attack.
    I was worried about that wording, and you've hit on the exact reason why. It's meant to allow you to imbue each worn gauntlet (I would have said "two worn gauntlets", but Thri-kreen, etc.), not allow you to stack ludicrous amounts of bonus damage on one gauntlet.

    Also, can you use a 0-level spell just to get the Arcane Resonance bonus?
    I was going to say no, but I don't see why not. I'll add wording to that effect.

    I also find the emphasis on gauntlets to be a little disconcerting. I'd like to see it include gloves or fists also; otherwise half your class features are unavailable if you, say, got interrupted during dinner...
    That sorta depends on whether you see standard-issue gauntlets as these
    or these

    I always picture the former, given that it's only a move action to equip a set.
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