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I like the class and it looks fairly balanced. I have a few issues though.
Is reallocate permanent? If so that might be too much.
Oh and the way you have it worded it could be interpreted that evaluation points are permanently gone once spent (and judging from the rest of the class it doesn't look like they are). And do they recover each day? If they are spent permanently its still a bit vague (and is a pretty nasty punch to the classes power).
why would they be permanently gone? Thats like a Psion spending her pp permanently...
Can modify be used multiple times? I automatically assume no when it doesn't say it can, but if it can you might want to put a limit on bonuses to any single score (maybe 1/2 evaluator level + 1 max?).
Um.. no.. not at all. "Its a free floating pool" You have your 5 points to throw around, spread dat' butta' wherever around your sheet. replace it somewhere else if you need a bit of Electricity resistance. maybe some extra BAB or Strength...
When you speak of conversion for permanently learning spells would I be right to assume that those evaluation points that are spent are lost?
No way! hah, heck no. that'd cost: 40ep, 44ep, 48ep ect to get your 4 0lv spells, 1st level, 2nd and on.