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    Default Re: Artytheurge, an all new Theurge prestige class!

    Quote Originally Posted by Veklim View Post
    Ahhh, much better
    That's not too shoddy as it stands now, the metamagic/spell focus only restriction certainly reduces abusability and keeps up the wizard's half of the feat gain. However, you could have issues depending on how you interpret this:

    Assuming you're 5 Artificer/ 5 Wizard/ 1 Artytheurge
    My initial interpretation: (Which seems kinda ridiculous, but stands up grammatically)
    Add up Artificer, Wizard and Artytheurge levels (11), then subtract 2 (9). You count as a level 9 Artificer for the purpose of determining when you gain item creation feats and craft reserve.
    Firstly, you would jump from an effective level 5 to a level 9 artificer, granting you:
    Triple the craft reserve (100 jumps to 300)
    Craft Wand AND Craft Rod
    Every level you gain in Artytheurge increases you craft reserve (perfectly reasonable btw) and bonus Artificer item creation feats (that's for craft staff in 4 PrC levels and forge ring in 6). Add in the 2 bonus within the class, and the 3 feats from HD, that's 9 feats in 10 levels, 5 of which are chosen relatively freely.

    My second interpretation: (Which is far more likely...)
    Add up Artificer, Wizard and Artytheurge levels, subtract 2, you count as a level 9 artificer for the use of any item creation feat you have, and may now choose to take a meta-magic feat in place of any bonus item creation feat you gain from future Artificer levels.
    This gives you:
    Triple the craft reserve (same as above)
    Better crafting capabilities (level 5 to level 9 jump for effective CL on all items you create)
    A slightly more varied choice on bonus feat allocation.

    Either of the above seem perfectly reasonable to assume from the wording of this ability, and only one is within sensible limits. I will happily clarify wording, or help you to do as much yourself, but I need to know what it's meant to do first!

    On a side issue, the usage of Spellsurge Infusions should probably become Int modifier/day.

    How about ending on a high note...?

    Disruptive Feedback:
    At level 9, the Artytheurge learns how to combine infusions with arcana to momentarily supress the enchantments of nearby objects. As a move action, you target a specific enchanted item within 10ft and attempt to supress all magic on that item (a supressed item is treated as a completely mundane item of it's type, but still masterworked if this applies). This effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Expend an arcane spell slot and an infusion slot from your daily allotments and add the levels together to determine the total effective magic bonus you can supress. If the number equals or exceeds the item's bonus then you succeed, if not then you fail. There is no save. For example, if you sacrifice a level 5 spell and a level 3 infusion you may supress the item as long as it's total effective magic bonus is +8 or less.
    This ability is usable a number of times per day equal to your Int modifier.
    But you don't add wizard levels to it.
    And just so you know the intended entry is wizard or Artificer 5, then 1 level of the other and take practiced spellcaster to shore up Caster Level.
    Also, I need to say that the -2 penalty only applys on Artytheurge, so a level 5 Artificer/Artytheurge I only get level 5 craft reserve. Not sure how to word that.
    Also, I don't understand where you got the idea you can swap item creation feats for metamagic's, but I might add that in.
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