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ahhh, fair enough. That's not overly clear, this gave me the impression you DO add any Wizard (or other arcane caster) levels:
That was me forgetting I had put it in.
...which leads me to...

Fair enough, but until you sort out what you mean with the above, then I can't get what you mean here either. What it sounds like is that you want to say:
'You may add your Artytheurge level -2 (minimum of 0), to your Artificer levels...'

Yes that's what I was trying to say.
I got that idea from this:
Which way, by the way? Artificers get a bonus feat selection, but they're not item creation ones, all those are listed idividually by name on the Artificer class table.
what is this meant to say then?
The Artificer got Metamagic's and things that focused on crafting, I see the Artytheurge as more a Caster with the ability to make items for the party.
...on the other hand, this:
is rather snacky, I think I like that quite a lot.
You may wish to say what happens if they wanna change back though...
I'll say you can change it back any week after.
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