Well, this has vanished for a while. Anyway, it isn't gone, and has had some updates since last time I posted. Most notably, a complex mist form that allows one to permanently affect an area with ethereal mist. Also somewhat noticeable, Twilight Casters may now choose between Fundamentals of Shadow and Mist Manipulations when the opportunity arises. I've also added a handful of new mist manipulations. I'm most worried about the Forced Mist one, given it would seem an almost certain pick. I'm debating weather to have mist naturally recover at a rate of about one square per hour or half hour. I've considered adding a simple mist form to allow breathing underwater (or anywhere else for that matter), though it wouldn't prevent things like poison gasses from impacting someone (but likely would aid anyone within the range of your mist, or maybe not). Any thoughts on what would be an appropriate level?

Otherwise, anyone with suggestions or ideas for mist forms, please tell me them. I'm particularly troubled by the higher level mist forms, as I have no real sense of how to balance higher level spells (having never played a high level caster).