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    List of all HT characters in one place for her convenience. (moved to Nexus thread, in case Acro thread gets locked one day.) This post does not need to be indexed. Power ratings in parentheses.


    • Amatus - son of Vita Octavia and Rugal, twin to Baeta, has four younger siblings, two sets of twins
    • Billie Jean - has a jaunty hat
    • Cole/Kell - druid/beekeeper boy, and his dog Mori
    • Decker the Devil Swanmay - twentysomething version of Lady Dekaros
    • Mainframe - sentient artificial intelligence originally tasked with protecting members of GLoG
    • Perdition - Orc teenage girl, totally goth, best friends with Rose, played by Wolfy
    • Simone Isandwani - Librarian. Agent of Helios. Totally not a spy.

    On hiatus:

    • Alice Delisle - Remnant Major, formerly ISF and assigned to Mortal Coil as an adjutant of sorts - 1st husband was emotionally abusive and she divorced him. 2nd husband was a fellow soldier named David who died in combat
    • Brand Applehill and wife Pansy, 8 year old son Tito, 7 year old daughter Lily - rescued slaves who live at GLoG and work as cooks
    • Cecily - a Jaeger with a spiffy hat who owns a walking hut as her hat shop, created by Trollfinger, Ironpick & Greencheek, Mining & Engineering (C)
    • Charity Evans - artist / chromamancer / hedonist / sometime bings drinker / EMT. ex-Member of GLoG.
    • Charlotta - ex-girlfriend of Sue of Mortal Coil, mother of Lottie, married to Mortimer
    • Chelonie "Happy" Amakirr - shapeshifter barbarian and sorceress, retired president of GLoG (C)
    • Dag Ingasson - son of Ingileifr, juvenile sky dragon
    • Decker the Catgirl- far future version of Lady Dekaros who became a catgirl to be with her one true love Butler. Returned from the afterlife a few months after Butler did.
    • Elaine de Vere Stevenson - Jake's mother
    • Elias Larmette - journyman baker (E) to Master Dahl
    • Felis Octavius - twin brother to Vita, nephew of the late ruler of Thessoloniki, gifted with luck and bound to the mercenary group the Virtues of Slaanesh (C)
    • Grass-bringer - Slave caravan plot, seer boy
    • Gus Acre - Other half of Jake Stevenson, violent and impulsive, deeply in love with Vasquez.
    • Jake Stevenson - watchmaker. other half of Gus Acre. Dating Vasquez.
    • Jeannie (Jeanne-Antoinette) - devil succubus of the first circle, cousin to Kal and great-grandaughter of Morgana
    • Jessica Falk - designer for Tommy Goldfinger, friend of Willow's, blonde, plump, always impeccably dressed.
    • Missy Halifax Hellstomper - member of Remnant's Praetorian Guard, helped blow up Zee's brain (At Trog's), married Jyarl and adopted Jefferies.
    • Moff Four - One of The Moff's clones.
    • Oscar Urimbauer - demon of light (B/C)
    • Peter Raven - uncle of Happy Amakirr, great-uncle to Melody. Died and returned as an Einherjar of Valhalla (B+)
    • Roxie - A pixie druid who works at NO as an animal handler and healer
    • Shae - androgynous winged fae who has come to the Nexus for a year and a day to investigate mortals.
    • Sunny Evans - mentally disabled and agoraphobic machine empath. Works for Magtok Remnant. (E) sister to Charity, mother to Luke Evans Goodfellow
    • Tia Eiranikos - Innamorata succubus Normal human (E)
    • Tracey Elton - trans woman Remnant soldier, formerly Matthew Smith
    • Vinicio "Vino" D'Angelis - an unturned human member of the Riverside Vampire society. Great great etc nephew of Ramiro. Has a past with Rose. Licensed vampire hunter and Air Adept. Has a wife named Claudia and a son named Petros.
    • Vita Octavia - twin sister to Felis, niece of the late ruler of Thessoloniki, carrier of the sacred flame of Vesta, married to Rugal, mother to 3 sets of twins, oldest of which are Amatus and Baeta
    • Winslow Warwick - Villainous industrialist who has a past with Magtok. Runs Warwick Works Inside. (E)
    • Whisper - Slave caravan plot, fae girl
    • Xifra - a woman who spent most of her life with an always-on 'don't notice me' psychic field. Her brother Algu has the opposite psychic condition. She has since learned to turn off her field with magic, and is a worshiper of Slaanesh.

    Mostly NPCs:
    • Peacekeeper Lamar Gyps - carrion eater and Peacekeeper. Tall, thin, grey-skinned, dreadful breath.
    • Varo - elf in the Penal Company for killing his father
    • Kargo (goblin male) Aliswyn (elven female), Tauno Nurmi (human male, supremacist sympathiser) - social workers
    • Mosegi - human supremacist, Penal Company
    • Dr Coral: short and thin elven woman, works at Northside Hospital
    • The Trickster Rabbit - A cross between Bugs Bunny and Gunnerkrigg's Coyote, this creature exists only for random lulz and chaos.
    • Councillor Veriswen Hiriloth of the Ostari Elves, diplomat for the Acro-Imperium (E+)
    • Ostari Elves - faction profile. Tolkeinesque elves who have lived in the city here as long as anyone can remember
    • Baby - the dwarf who believes she's an orc. Trog's bouncer. NPC. (B)
    • Basil Finch - a minotaur who works as a receptionist at the Acro Imperial Government Complex. Friends with Charity. (C-)
    • Suffering - a very very old Emotion, of ambiguous gender
    • Merlina - the mermaid who lives in Phoenix lake
    • Ian - a little boy ghost who lives in an underwater cave with his adopted mother Merlina. He died of drowning and is too terrified of water to return to the surface.
    • Heather - An athletic teenage ghost who also died of drowning. She likes to play sports, but is unable to affect the material world.
    • Jase - A teenage boy ghost who is wrapped around Heather's ghostly little finger.
    • Ironbeard - A dwarven ghost who has been at Phoenix lake since before the campground existed. Feels responsible for the other ghosts.
    • Nurse Piper - The former camp nurse, now a ghost who continues to work in the infirmary.
    • Mei Li - little Chinese woman who works for Warwick Industries
    • Purna - slave caravan plot, drow priestess
    • Ezra - slave caravan plot. Centaur owner of the caravan
    • Barlin - merchant caravan plot. elven woman and caravan master
    • Aleida - maidservant at the Hartwater Inn, and descendant of the great King Titus of the House of Toray
    • Rescued Slaves

    Dead / Retired / Deep Deadtime:
    • Acacia - Rogue who was raised by wolves. Literally. (C)
    • Ashley Dodson - astrologer
    • Brian Starling - current leader of Charlie's Family (dead)
    • Dr Burnett - psychiatrist with an office on the 17th floor of a posh Harley Street office building
    • Carly Bryson - kidnapped test subject
    • Darcy Diavolo Brightember - Member of Watchtower, lapsed member of AMEN, shapeshifter barbarian sorceress (B/C) (permanently retired)
    • Decker the Younger - 11 year old devil swanmay. character sheet needs updating. (D+)
    • Eglarast - Ostari elf
    • Dr Ferris Fitzhenry, research fellow, Magdalen College, Oxford University, inventor and explorer, and his clockwork daughter Molly (D)
    • Gideon - elf shaman druid barbarian shapeshifter shut up it does too make sense! (known forms - owl, rat*)
    • Hope - Huntress of Kuori, barbarian human and friend to Cessie Mithar. Has a Wolfen mate named Promise, and two adopted children, Goldie and Isaac
    • Lauretta - Priest of Dalachrech (E+/D-) (retired)
    • Leah Loveman - Convicted murderer in the Penal Company
    • Lob - A civilized orc who is also a convicted murderer
    • Lorraine Godolphin - werewolf
    • Moff Thirteen - Minion to Dalev. Insane even for a Moff
    • Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley - 500 year old drow vampire who is a bit batty and ever so devoted to her family
    • Vasilisa - Aspect of Mother Eve. Married-ish to Adam, for purposes of breeding catpeople (D)
    • Gersemi - former seidkhona who trained Melody (E)
    • Deryni Ironwood - Chosen One of a death god (D-)
    • George Shackleton - cleric of Thor, off somewhere with Czernov (B)
    • Jedwiga - Crone Aspect of Eve (C)
    • Tessa Camlar Fairley - Archivist of Woden and Guardian of Balance. Now dead. (A)
    • Ingileifr of the Western Peaks (Ingi)- Sky Dragon and friend to Raven/Hrafn. Shares a telepathic link with Raven's runestones. picture (B+) Killed by Cynthia
    • Coralei - Former Maiden Aspect of Eve. Seven year old who lived in the slums of Inside. (C) Killed by Ted Brando.
    • Ghavrion - diviner wizard who uses sympathetic magic (E+) left Inside
    • Hannah Snow - Professor Affidavit's loyal minion. A skilled torturer who is addicted to Liquid Agony. (B/C)

    Faction entry: Hell
    Faction entry: Sacred Order of Cunningham
    Faction entry: Charlie's Family
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