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The Artificer got Metamagic's and things that focused on crafting, I see the Artytheurge as more a Caster with the ability to make items for the party.
If that's the case then why do the requirements push towards Art.5/Wiz.1 ? Surely it should be the other way around if they're meant to be primarily spellcasters..? Practiced Spellcaster doesn't affect infusions at all, as far as I remember. One of the huge problems with Artificers is their almost complete lack of support materials in publication (as far as I've ever come across), due to the fundamental differences between casting and infusing. They behave similarly but are not the same thing.

This is why I have been confused, since the beginning, as to why you didn't aim for the usual theurge requirement pattern and ask for 3rd level (or thereabouts) in each class. Personally I would have chosen to go for 'Ability to cast 2nd level arcane spells and ability to use 2nd level infusions', which does drop the power rating a little from one side, but bolsters the other and keeps in line with just about every other theurge PrC I remember seeing.

If you're dead-set on using the practiced spellcaster approach, you first need to brew a re-wording of the feat, and present it above the class AND in the requirements, otherwise this only really works for Art.5/Wiz.1

On the bright side, once this scrubs up and re-words for clarity and concise phrasing, I think this could work nicely. You still need to fill up the level 9 vacuum, did you dislike the other suggestions or do you have something bubbling already?