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    Default Re: Artytheurge, an all new Theurge prestige class!

    Quote Originally Posted by mootoall View Post
    Give it full +1/+1 casting. Otherwise this class is making you a worse wizard *and* a worse artificer, all at the same time. Additionally, so new players who don't know about Practiced Spellcaster don't screw themselves over, actually make the feat a prerequisite to enter the class.
    Someone said I should change it, to 9/10 for both, although I'm going to change it back.

    Edit: Added the Practiced Infuser feat, the feat that has always existed, just no-one has realized it.

    I always presumed it worked, although now, I'm not so sure it works now, I'll just homebrew a feat that works and put one or the other as a requirement.
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    Just one of those guys vs girls things. Guys like giant, fighting robots that shoot lazerz out their eyes while girls like pretty jewelry that sparkle in the moonlight after having a romantic interlude with a charming gentleman.

    Completely sexist, yes! Completely true, pretty much...
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