Some poems: (The first one is one just I decided to make up on the spot right now. The other two are ones I put actual effort into.)

Conan the Grammarian

The are freaking annoying
They are like a big troll
but not as ugly and loud
When they speak, they still make my eyes roll

They are Conan the Grammarian
Cleaving ordinary conversation
with their axes of grammar-ation
They pillage the village of words
and punctuate them with spears

Sure, the guys who like to correct peoples spelling
are pretty cool
I can't understand a thing the average internet idiot says
in such a cesspool.

But isn't the grammar thing going a little too far?
trying to fit all the words in the world
into a little correct jar?

I'm just really tired of barbarian pedantry
I'd just like all my little words flying
with my nouns, verbs, and prepositions soaring free.
Why chain them all up
in some weird arcane order for everyone to see?

I don't understand you Conan the Grammarian
I like my words free and flowing
Maybe I'm just a tasteless barbarian
Thats all now, I gotta get going.

Outwards, now Inwards
You see me bored like stone
Outwards, now Inwards
Thinking in copper-brass vines
My mind forever electrically observing
Always creating an endless rainbow foundation of ideas

You see me slacking off
Outwards, now Inwards
I am pondering the next surreal floor
of the spiral tower that are my projects
devising the next multifaceted crystal puzzle piece

You see my eyes half-lidded
Outwards, now Inwards
My imagination constantly flowing like emerald lava
Mixing to solidify into shining sculptures

You hear a flat monotone
Outwards, now Inwards
I hear a constant mercurial scribbling
in the spherical pages of my mind
An endless invention of sharp cities and silver songs.

High Class, Low Motion
(Best read while hearing This)
A lazy turquoise fountain, hypnotic and foaming

A million shining sapphire drops of the blood of clouds
falling upon the keyboard of the golden grand piano

Two rows of soldier-standing palm trees in the night
extending into forever, lit by the joy of the five star hotel
standing guard over the finely cut floor of grass

The mercury mirror waterfront reflecting the full dime moon
Through rainbow jigsaw puzzle windows
Accompanied by the sound of indigo-blue conversation

Men in skyscraper top-hats and black knights armor tuxedos
Armed with a brass champagne shield and the sharp sword of wit
With lounging celebrities wearing smooth obsidian clouds on their eyes

While ladies with flowing waterfall hair and long ruby claw nails
Sing a little song of laughter in their labyrinth tree-swaying gowns
Issued from pearl-white teeth and blood-colored lips
while precariously balancing upon their columns of high heels

A crystal sun chandelier hangs in the extravagant cherry ceiling sky
with soft clothed mesas decorated with silver and wax towers of fire
complimented by cities of steel plates inhabited by spoons and forks
Where they do silent battles with meat and vegetables finest battalion.
Serving their titanic genial masters of night and light.

Chefs, in their palace kitchens with their sparkling mirror tools
Where they sprinkle snow salt upon summer Spanish steak
And rain down wads of pepper-hail upon spring French snail
While they powder on sugar mist on top of fall cinnamon rolls
And flood it all with spices and sauce on top of winter Russian cuisine

Meanwhile, servants glide around upon the marble floor
In their wandering shadow-specter deliveries, dark and unseen
The quiet invisible ghosts of this living aquamarine party
Their statue strong dignity higher than the decadence around him

Meanwhile, a bearded homeless man looks up at the full moon as he starves to death.