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Ahh. Well, I think the obvious use for this would be to shoot enemies around corners or obstacles, and the battle field already does this purpose. But, maybe it could work for the supporter. Like the marksman can recall and deploy the supporter into any spot that he can see within his range, like a remote dimension door. what d'ya think?
That would definitely work.

Here a couple more:
1. A technique that let's the marksman lower a foe's AC or wreck their armor. Maybe "Armor Breaker" or "Armor Piercing Bullet" or "Corrosive Round"
2. A technique that let's the marksman gain a bonus to attack/damage rolls against a single enemy once per encounter. Perhaps scaling with level? Maybe "Right in my Sights" or "Marked Target"
3. An light bullet that allows the enemy to be tracked/seen even in darkness/magical darkness. Probably "Tracer Round". Maybe also a variation that burns through concealing fogs, something like "Incendiary Bullet" etc.