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Hmmm. This gives me an idea! Maybe I could integrate this with the Elemental Bullets technique, like an added effect if they fail saves. For example, when shooting fire type bullets, it adds an additional ongoing fire damage for a few rounds. For ice bullets, it reduces speed for a few rounds. Electricity bullets can have an added stunning effect, acid bullets can reduce AC for a few rounds, and sonic bullets, well maybe knock enemies back or something?
That sounds perfect. For sonic bullets, maybe deafened or silenced? Silenced would be great against spellcasters, though maybe a touch powerful. So it might be that the elemental bullets technique gets upgraded with these secondary effects at a higher level and not right away.

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Maybe roll this into one technique. Designate one enemy per encounter whom you have bonus attack/damage, and you can locate even through concealment or cover. You may not see them, but you still know where they are. Thoughts?
That works, and prevents abusing the trcer rounds. I do still think there should be a separate ability to burn up fogs though, especially since Magic marksman relies a lot on battlefield control and spells like Acid Fog, Wall of Fog, Obscuring Mist and the like can really make that difficult.

I'll see about coming up with more idea tomorrow.