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Wow...where did the inspiration for this come from? This might rival The Blob in my nightmares.
Well, I've had it in my mind to make a sort of invisible psychic 'tree', a creature who roots itself in the psyches of an entire town... however, I didn't much have any inspiration on how to make it an actual creature. More like the start of a quest than anything.

Then I remembered a book about a fellow with psychic ability who hid out in an abandoned insane asylum. He went temporarily insane as well as the mental energy absorbed within wreaked havoc with his mind. So I just kind of mixed together the two concepts.

Wow. That is just ugly. Only CR 10?
Well, its HP isn't much for a 10 CR creature, and its AC is abysmal. This is partially made up by having fast healing and being incorporeal, but not enough to increase its CR much more.

Also, its mob does not count towards its CR. They have their own.