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I think transferring the ability from the druid class without any change diminishes the druid class. Class abilities should be unique to the class. Why would the beastman be immune to magical poisons? The druid at least has some affinity to magic while the beastman does not.
Hmm. On the one hand, I think the ability is sufficiently minor that it doesn't feel uniquely "druidy." Copying it doesn't diminish the class nearly as much as, say, stealing the entire wild shape mechanic. But on the other hand, I think you may be right about the magical poison bit. I'll go ahead and note that the ability only applies to natural poisons.

Poison usage depends on the PCs and DM. Some people use it a lot, and some very little. I don't think how often it will be used should determine what the ability does.
True, but I can only base my attempts to balance the class on my own experiences.

By the way, Shifting should be an Enhancement not an enchantment.
Thanks for the catch.