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    Default Re: The Stylin' Monk [3.5 Base Class, Fix, PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Maraxus1 View Post
    That is not an AC optimised Monk. :)
    Yes, you can optimize for AC (though as with many other things, you don't do it with a Monk), but as you yourself point out at the end of it, you're kind of going to be able to do nothing else but that, particularly as you're blowing your entire WBL on it. That's more in the realm of TO, not PO, and isn't something you are actually going to see in a game.

    Even if you take the exact same steps as you take with this Monk, it's still only a net +2 to AC (Dodge doesn't stack).

    About flurry: One useful thing, if you fix the monk anyway, would be to include the clarifications about flurry and 2-weapon fighting and maybe about natural secondary attacks in the description.
    Good point. I'll clarify as soon as I figure out what I actually want from Flurry.

    Unarmed damage: I checked it again, all you do is scaling it up every 4 and not every 5 levels? I take back what I said before and guess this is okay, Since it puts the additional power towards the end and thus does not power the monk up in the earlier time (where it would not be needed that much).
    Every three levels, actually. 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and so on.

    What I said about the weapons: I guess, the higher unarmed damage is there to balance against the possibility of +5 flaming, frost, electric kamas. But then again, they don't need to be balanced that way because the highly magical weapons are also highly expansive. You might want to give damage upgrades to weapon damage (monk weapons only, probably), too. Not as much as the unarmed damage but a bit.
    I have about a dozen different styles I'm fiddling with or have planned, that I'll polish up and post here soon. One of them is a sort of weapons master that gets unarmed damage as weapon damage similar to the Truthful Arrow style up there.

    Damn, that shows me, how powerful "Forceful arrow" is... At least because of the high bow base damage (when compared with monk weapons), it only matters on the higher levels.

    Say you have a zen archer monk there ... Level 10 again, offense-focused (as any archer should), +1 flaming/frost Longbow, a collection of +1 bane arrows against almost everyone, monks belt, buffed with enlarge person and Greater magic weapon ...
    *check* hm, the damage is not that overpowered but it is quite good and multiply that by flurry of blows + rapid shot and ... whow!
    Yep. It's supposed to be good. Hopefully not too good, though.

    Hm, since I'm already looking into the styles:
    Death from the Horizon (Su): "Your bows range increases to your Wisdom bonus,..."
    In km or what?
    Er. Fixed that. Wisdom times 500 feet.

    Slay the Sun: Since this is virtually a wis-only build: Possibly like 200 damage no save? At least give it: Fortitude half. 10*Wis is good enough. ... In addition to an arrow that because of the +20 insight is perfect to deliver the quivering palm etc.
    The 200 damage would be added to the normal damage if it hits. I'll clarify that if it's unclear.

    And I don't believe you could add Quivering Palm to a bow attack, although this Monk doesn't get it at base anyway (it's in one of the styles).

    Sniping the Stinger: Looks way to cinematic for my taste. Plus intervening once per turn is not only very powerful but also annoying. Combine that with shot on the run so that the opponent has only one attack each round and maxed out attack value and you are seriously untouchable. Maybe it's to far on the castrated side but you could change it to "readied standard action". Or maybe you can think of something in between that fits. and prevents him from using this again and again every turn without giving up anything for it.
    Well, it is supposed to be rather cinematic, yes. Wuxia-ish. It's basically a better version of Deflect Arrows at heart, though (or at least, that was my intention).

    You can't use Shot on the Run with it, though, because you can only use it outside of your own turn.

    It does probably need a limiter, though. Hm. I'll think up something.

    Unsurpassed Speed: Wait, is the class bonus an enhancement bonus? Looks like no, then ...
    Xeph (30), speed of thought (+10 insight), burst ability (+30 competence), hasted by boots of speed (+30 enhancement), +70 monk
    ...double all but the base...
    310 ft speed.

    Add the run feat for 5x run speed ... 1550 ft is ~0.3 miles.
    0.3 per 6 seconds is 3 per minute is 180 miles per hour.
    Oh, okay, it's fast but not "speed of sound" fast or something.
    Yeah, you can get some pretty ridiculous speed with that Style.

    With Outrunning Light and that build, with, say, 24 Wisdom, you could go 19 and a half miles in a fraction of a second.

    -Some Grapple/Throw/Hold/Choke build based on Judo/Jujitsu.
    There's one planned, but I'm holding off on it until I have some time to grab a bottle of whiskey and wade into the grappling rules section.

    -Those sword monks from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (aka chinese martial art monks). Historically sometimes using glaives, too. (And sometimes really weired weapons, let's not talk about those)
    Already planned, as mentioned.
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