Some questions about the Shortening. Hopefully the Giant or apegamer will chime in on the intent questions.

No Turning Back:
  • If there are two sets of stairs down from floor X to floor X+1, and floor X+1 has reached 8 rooms without connecting the two segments, then players on the side that doesn't connect to the next floor down are allowed to move upwards to come back down the right way, right?
  • If I lose my last wound, after missing my turn, do I heal automatically? Am I required to rest or get cured as soon as possible, or can I keep playing without healing? What happens if I lose another wound before I get a chance to heal?

Wandering Xykon:
  • Is killing Xykon no longer worth any X's?
  • The I Hurt Xykon cards mention Xykon returning to his Throne Room. That should say Safe Haven, right?
  • Once Xykon's attention is caught and his move token is put in the Safe Haven, does he first move on that same turn, or starting after that player's next turn?
  • Is Xykon subject to any room effects that normally affect players, such as A Dark Room or The Room With All The Spikes? What about Explosive Runes?
  • If all players who are not holding I Got My Ass Kicked By Xykon are camping out in the Dungeon Entrance, how does Xykon move? Would he head toward the Dungeon Entrance and camp out in the first room of the dungeon until one of the players reenters the dungeon?
  • Since Xykon's choice of who to battle uses the number of shticks as a tiebreaker, should his decision of where to move also use that? Less significant than distance and the choice of floor, but more significant than the die roll?
  • The rules say you can attack Xykon "as you would initiate a Player vs. Player battle." A strict reading would imply that you can't choose to attack Xykon if there is also a monster stack in the room. Is that the intent, or should I be allowed to fight Xykon instead of the room's stack?
  • If a room contains Xykon but no monster stack, can I pick up loot there? The rules don't prohibit it, but I'm guessing that's an oversight.
  • If I attack Xykon's stack with Turn Undead, do I have to turn in I Got My Ass Kicked By Xykon even though I can't actually defeat Xykon himself?
  • The rules say Xykon is immune to multi-wound shticks. In the case of a successful Area Effect attack that also targets an Exploding monster, is Xykon also immune to the explosion, or can he take a second wound that way?
  • Can Poorly-Planned Illusion move monsters out of Xykon's minion stack? If so, do they have to be moved into neighboring rooms, or can they be moved from the minion stack into the same room Xykon is in?

New shticks:
  • Take Yer Medicine: can Durkon use this to heal a player who is already at full health? Can it only be used on his own turn?
  • The Hope of Returning Home: does this override the requirements of Broken Weapon/Turned Into a Newt/Hysterical Aphasia?
  • Friendly Fire(ball): does the copy that V is currently using and flipping get counted as one of the face-up copies?
  • Carry Along: if Roy explores a new room, does the carried player also encounter one-time room effects, such as A Room with a Motivational Poster or The Corridor of Very Toxic Sulfur Fumes?
  • Petty Threats: I'm guessing this is supposed to hold only one Screw This card at a time, but it doesn't actually say that. If it can hold multiple cards, can they be played simultaneously with a single flip of the shtick, or only one at a time?
  • Personification of Self-Loathing: does this take effect before the trap/battle resolution? In particular, can Haley save herself from losing her last wound?
  • Grand Theft: Your Stuff: can this be unflipped while it is placed in a room, either by resting or by other means? Haley would still have to wait until it was returned to her to before using it again, right?