Is Xykon a Monster and/or a Player
  • Does Xykon trigger Explosive Runes

  • Does he take Damage from Explosive Runes

  • Is he a valid target for the Screw This card named Surprise!
    • Is he a valid Monster target

    • Is he a valid Player target

  • Can Durkon offer to heal Xykon

  • Can Xykon accept healing from Durkon

While Xykon is retreating towards the Safe Haven
  • Does he stop movement if he encounters a player

  • Does he attack a player if his movement ends in a room with a player

When using the variant rule No Turing Back and a player has lost his last wound
  • Do all wounds heal?

  • Do all Shticks unflip?

  • Do the effects of "Broken Weapon/Hysterical Aphasia/Turned into a Newt" end?
    • Does Durkon's Shtick The Hope of Returing Home end those effects

  • When does the above happen:
    • Immediately, when he drops half of his Loot?

    • Later, after he has missed a turn?

  • On the skipped turn is he treated as being Paralyzed or Fleeing?
    • Is he a valid target for PvP

    • Is he a valid target for Xykon