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However, to clarify: When Xykon and his Minion Stack are in a room with existing face-up Monsters, there is no difference between his stack and the stack in the room. Xykon is treated as being part of the room's stack
Ok, so if I enter that room, or make a ranged attack into it, I don't have a choice of which monster to fight--I have to fight Xykon.

He can take a second Wound that way, because that is a separate Wound source.
In that case (Area Effect+Explosive), would I get two "I Hurt Xykon" cards? Or just one, with the other card going to nobody?

No. No one can ever have more than 4 Wounds.
I figured that much--if Cure is boosted but the target has lost only one wound, they would heal only one--but I was wondering if Cure can be likewise be applied to someone at full health, with no effect other than loot changing hands. Can that happen voluntarily? Can it happen with Take Yer Medicine?

Yes, because they are affected by any card that affects all players in the same room.
Well, the one-time room effects are stated to apply to "the first player who enters the room", not "all players in the room when it is first explored". Maybe let Roy decide whether to Carry Along the other player behind or ahead of himself to determine who gets affected, but he has to decide before entering the room?

It (Petty Threats) should only allow one Screw This! card at a time.
Does that mean having only one card stored at a time? Or playing only one stored card at a time?