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Does this mean that when a weapon is broken: All shticks for that weapon become flipped, All shticks for that weapon that come into play start out flipped,
I had asked about new copies of the flipped shtick once before, but I don't think there was ever an official answer.

but if somehow one of the cards becomes unflipped then the weapon is useable again?
Yes, that seems to be what Rich is saying. Durkon's hope is so strong, it reforges iron, makes the dumb speak, and recharges mana! But if that one gets flipped again, by any means, then Broken Weapon/Hysterical Aphasia/Turned Into a Newt applies to it again, so it can't be unflipped again except by exiting the dungeon or by unflipping Hope of Returning Home and reusing that. Durkon's hope is strong, but gives in to despair before long.

Until now I assumed that as long as the Screw This card was 'on' the weapon no shtick for that weapon could be used.
Until the Shortening, that was true (except possibly for drawing new copies, no official word on that yet), because previously there was no way to unflip a Broken Weapon except by exiting the dungeon.