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Thread: The Fatekeeper (3.5 Base Class)

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    I know it's probably a little late to be posting, but I just found the class. I think it is very flavourful. That being said, I'm a little confused by a few things.

    Wit respect to Seal, looking at the DC of the saves, are you saying higher level Seals are not harder to counter than lower level ones? I'm simply surprised that the Seal's level does not play into the DC.

    With Deny Fate, I've never heard of an unaction. If it does exist, where is it from? If it does not, wouldn't it make more sense for it to be an immediate action?

    Also, does Fateful Strike qualify you for Sneak Attack related feats or PrC?

    I like the Fate system very much. Have you thought of making some feats around it (as there are with Ki Pools and such) or thought about delegating this task? I like class specific feats and think that feats for a Fate Pool would be pretty neat.

    Overall, nice work.
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