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Paladin, Druid, Ranger, Monk, Bard....
No sorcerer, wizard, cleric, fighter, or rogue?

Wouldn't they count as part of "All classes"?
Still getting around to them. The problem with the Full Casters is that they basically don't have any real class features. Fighters only really have feats, in which case I would rather just make feats for the fighters, and Rogues, again, don't really have any class features, or at least any class features that can be replaced easily. I could, for instance, replace the Rogue's Sneak Attack dice for Initiating, or their special abilities for Binding, or Meldshaping, etc etc, but I hadn't really gotten around to it and I hadn't really planned on it. However, if there is interest (even one person is interest enough), I would love to make Rogue ACFs. However, the full casters are basically off limits unless they can somehow spontaneously grow class features.