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    Soul Society

    Orimoto Ranoue-Sixth Seat First Division

    Name: Orimoto Ranoue
    Race: Shinigami
    Allegience: Soul Society: Squad One
    Age: Appears 21
    Gender: female

    Appearance: Orimoto is a beautiful young woman who has long straight pink hair that goes down to a few inches below her waist. She keeps her hair straight and loose and rarely puts it in any designs like pony tails or pig tails. She wears a black sleeveless top with a gold colored trim that exposes her midriff and is rather loose. Her pants are also rather loose and decrative and, like the top, is black with a gold trim. She has blue eyes and constantly an annoyed look on her face.

    Personality: Orimoto tends to get rather annoyed at stupidity and tends to be a bit too serious. It isn't that she lacks a sense of humor, its that she rarely gets sleep due to constant nightmares. It's a well known fact throughout Soul Society that she suffers nightmares, but she won't speak about what causes her to wake up crying most nights. Due to this and the mockery she suffers because of it she has become pessimistic and bitter. However, she still tries to do the right thing both for her own moral sake and with hopes that enough good actions will cause her to feel better about herself.

    Combat Skills:

    Skill Hand-to-Hand Combat: Physically, Orimoto is in great physical condition. While she's not at the skill level of being able to catch swords or block heavy hits, she is flexible and skilled at dodging and striking for vital points quickly. One of her most used tactics is aiming for a male opponent's adam's apple. By dodging and getting in close she often strikes there in order to leave her target unable to breath or focus. While she is able to throw kicks, she tends to prefer her feet on the ground to give her stable footwook usually using her feet for either surprise attacks, quick strikes, or parries.

    Typical Shinigami Stat: As a Shinigami she is faster, stronger, and more durable than the average human. However, her strength and durability are nothing special compared to other Shinigami. Her flexibility and speed are slightly above average, but again nothing extraordinary.

    Keen Intellect: Due to her lowered physical strength, Orimoto tends to relly on anaylzing and making precise targeted strikes as opposed to multiple hard hitting strikes. She tends to spend combat using her speed and flexibility to dodge until she can get an opening that matters. She's ignored openings before just so the target doesn't realize it is open until she can make a decisive strike.

    Skilled Swordsmanship: Orimoto's complete lack of knowledge of Kido has caused her to relay on her sword most ofer in combat. While nowhere near the level of high level swordmasters, she can hold her own against most foes. She is right handed, ususally prefering to save her left hand for unarmed strikes.

    Stealth: Orimoto's strong suit other than speed and flexibility is her stealf. While she sucks at Kido, she is able to pull off one Kido, the art of Kyokko. Even without the use of Kido, her light weight and silent steps allow her to move quietly and hide well. Her pink hair does pose a problem, so she tends to carry a wrap on her at all times so that she can hide her hair when needed.

    Shunpo Proficient: Orimoto is capable of Shunpo, and is rather skilled in it. Her shunpo is reliable and rather quick, though it is still being improved. Her current goal is to improve it to do a flash dance fighting strike which would allow her to create multiple after images to surprise the foe before she stabs them in the back. However, she hasn't been able to get it fast enough to create enough distraction clones.

    Sealed: Typical Katana

    Release Command: End All, Ketsumei

    Her Shikai Ketsumei appears as an english longsword. The cross-piece bends out and points forward. Both the handle and the cross-piece are black. The blade itself glows with a red aura and the pommel is sharp. The sword feeds on life and by sending some of her energy into the sword she can strengthen it, at the cost of her stamina and energy. The blade starts out weak, but each strike it makes on the enemy causes it to 'lust for more blood' and grow a bit stronger. While mostly a melee type, it is capable of a small burst of energy that can shoot a few feet forward.

    Having just obtained Ketsumei, Orimoto can't use it to its max and as such her energy projectile attack fizzles out quickly after only a few feet and leaves her drained. She can keep her Shikai up only for a moderate amount of time and is still working on mastering it.

    She just obtained Shikai, you really think she has a bankai?



    Like most Shinigami, Orimoto doesn't remember much of her life before she became a Shinigami. She went through training and upon graduation proceeded to be tested to find the right squad for her. Placing her was difficult due to a few factors. She was skilled with a blade and melee combat, yet wasn't anything extraordinary so the 11th was ruled out. She was able to use stealth, but her shunpo and kido abilities were very low which ruled out the 2nd. Her medical abilities were almost non-existant thus getting rid of a chance at the 4th. In the end she was placed in squad one.

    While she disliked the adminstrative duties, she worked hard in order to be useful and highly viewed. She was friendly, upbeat, and went out of her way to help people. Things went well for quite some time and her hard work and friendliness made her many friends and only a few enemies. However, things would eventually change when a test was given to her to test her leadership abilities.

    While not the strongest in her squad her tactical thinking was what made her dangerous and soon she was being considered for a promotion. As a test, she was sent with a group of unseated officers on a mission. This test was meant to see how she worked in a leadership role. Not much is known about the mission as she told only her captain things brieft upon her return. However, ever since the mission Orimoto hasn't been the same. All that is known about the mission was that the small task force ran into something unexpected. Orimoto and her squad were attacked by something similar to a hollow, but more powerful and deadlier. Countless members of her task force were injured and only a strategic retreat due to the sacrifice of even more of her friends caused her and one other to return.

    However, the hollow-like creature had used some form of mental powers and had done something to her and ever since she had a hard time sleeping. Nightmares plauged her and she would wake up at night crying and sobbing. Ever since, while she pretends nothing is wrong, she has been quiet, bitter, pessimistic, and snappy at most people. The lack of sleep has helped matters.

    Now, she hates her job, tends to slack, and is very quiet and anti-social usually only doing things when ordered.
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