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All I'll say is that it'll have to be a better game system than Pathfinder to get even a cent out of me.
By what standards are you measuring, though? I'd say that 4e is a "better game system than Pathfinder," myself, but I'm fully cognizant that that's because I know it better and I find a mechanically balanced system to be of high import (and AFAIK Pathfinder is only somewhat more balanced than the grossly-imbalanced 3.x system).

Basically, if you look at it that way, an objectively-better game system than a decent one is impossible. Systems have differences in their goals and that changes how they're made and scored. Some systems surely are better than others, like D&D as a system family is better than I hear FATAL or Synibarr are, but I don't think most of the main professional systems are objectively better or worse than each other.