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One question about a couple of cards. Is it intended that The Mad Bomber and Hank provide support to so little cards?

There are just 2 other monsters for the mad bomber, and there is no other halfing.

Is this a foreshadow of expansion packs of the future? (duhn.....duhn....DUHN!!!!)
Demon Roaches still support both characters. As far as "why," it's because we thought it would be more interesting for there to be variety then for every monster to be supported by the same few types.

Also, you can make a nasty surprise for another player by using the Monster Team-Up card to swap out the uncommon Dwarf or Halfling type for something more common, like Goblins, after they've committed to the battle.

Plus, you could also make a house rule that players count as being the species listed on their Character Card for support purposes (Human, Elf, Dwarf, or Halfling) for monsters that they themselves are not fighting. This would mean (for example) that Durkon would count as support for the Mad Bomber whenever they were on the same floor, unless he was personally battling him.