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Thread: [3.5] Ryclend Deephold OOC

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    OK, now that I've posted in the IC, I really want to save that cash. What I'd like is to purchase a non-mummified "Hand of the Mage"-like item. Perhaps a ring, bracer, or headband. The reason for this is to retain the ability to use Mage Hand, but be able to add Mending to my cantrips so as to make Halad's statement true (i.e. being able to repair her cloak with a minor charm).

    EDIT: Orrr, maybe add it as a function to my Amulet of Natural Armor?

    EDIT 2: I just realized the bow doesn't need to be Masterwork anymore, so that will cut the material cost down to 168 (a third of 500).
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