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    Vutha Isk

    Alias: Black Star
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Black Dragon
    Age: Appropriate Dragon Age for a 25 year old human
    Alignment: good
    Class/Profession: Mage/Fighter/Slave
    Power Rating: B
    Description: Vutha appears most in her half dragon from. She has long black hairs and on the edge of her hair grow a few black scales. between her hais are two horns bowing up. She also has scales on her breasts, shoulders, backhands and feet. Her hands look like human hands with long sharpe nails. She got two black wings and a Tail all with black scales. She may appear attractive to humans as all dragons are, but also she scares them a bit.
    This may discribe her better. Her horns only bow backwards and she has human like hands with scales on the back.
    Personality: She is very quarrelsome if you force her into things, but if she knows the people more she will controll her temper.
    Equipment: Currently she only has short clothes that belong to her .
    Abilities: Dragon Traits (Fire breath not Acid, claws and a bit of Magic most shapeshifting)
    Backstory: Vutha was once a slave of that mage. He controlled her by a few mighty artifacts which left her mind in an observating Status. Her memories are more like a fading dream for her now since she is free. That's why she can't remember much she only knews that a guy named harnel and another black dragon from the nexus where her master. She tries to find them to get more informations.


    Alias: (Not yet called by an alias)
    Gender: Unknown. His Race leaks visual difference
    Race/Species: Brackern
    Age: Thousands of years
    Alignment: Good
    Class/Profession: Undefined
    Power Rating: D+
    Description: Tovpir is a giant scorpion. That means including his string he is 6 feet tall. His main body is like normal scorpions just with a stone like chitin.
    The Stone Chitin is mainly hold in Darkblue and purble while the end of the Sting and the back of his claws got blue gemstone like thorns.
    Picture Reference

    Personality: Tovpir is a carless person. His natural defense and long lifespan cause this. he is also intressed in new stuff and may appear dump while just followingforeigners. His only fear is flying and he might go on a rampage if forced to fly.
    Equipment: His natural weapons containing his Claws and Sting, but also his body can be seen as a weapon since he can just throw himself against enemies and likly crush them.
    Abilities: Tovpir has a high natural strength. That is related to his own weight and the rougth life.

    Tovpir can concentrate on the Gemstone thorns creating an unbreakable armor around his body. As a side effekt it makes him immobile and doesn't protecct him from passiv attacks like poison gas aor cold temperature.

    Tovpir is able to dig holes very fast. He can close these holes right behind him just leaving dug up earth. With his claws he has near no problem to dig througth earth and stones, but he can't dig through thick iron.
    Backstory: --
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