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    Denürga Ragnhild Xifhara

    Alias: Dena

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Drow Gorgon

    Age: Older than she looks

    Power rating: C

    Profession: Rogue

    Description: Dena is a drow gorgon who appears to be mid-twenty something but is in fact a lot older. Like other drow, she have long pointed ears and caucasian features. However, Dena is what is known as a 'copper drow', meaning that her skin is a more cinereous copper brown tone and that her eyes were originally green until she got cursed. She's also taller, about 6’2 feet (or 184 centimeters). These features, with the exception of the eyes, haven't changed since she became a gorgon, her hair is technically still white even if it's now made up of snakes which she still accommodates into the same type of hairstyles as far as they're capable to.

    For a more detailed description, look here.

    Pictures of Dena by various artists:

    Personality: Dena is easy-going and relaxed, she always thinks twice before she acts and usually have rather laid-back attitude towards most things. She doesn't get upset or angry very often and enjoys cracking jokes and having a good time. Behind her friendly persona is a person that only look out for herself however, she mostly do things if she think she can profit from them somehow. As a side-note, Dena loves animals and will often cuddle them as long as they're cute and not life-threatening (or found in a dungeon, can't trust anything in a dungeon).

    Equipment: Dena’s most precious piece of gear is the armor she calls “vettirskold” (all the best armors have names) which runes allows it to hold a number of items without any visible pockets or compartments, after she has summoned one item she cannot summon another for a brief time. Said runes also have a number of other functions, foremost they can dampen the first attack made against one location on her body before they have to recharge. In addition, they can turn her completely invisible for a time before they have to recharge.
    The only item visible held by her is the axe she calls, “Hynda” (weapons are best with names too) which drains warmth at a mere touch if the owner wills it, causing bodies depended on heat to fail. It is also unnaturally sharp, cutting through hard surfaces with ease, which makes it great for wood cutting. Unlike other runic enchantments it does not have to recharge as it is said to steal its energy from its victims.
    The last of her runic equipment is the handcannon “Garm” (even guns get names) described here. This hand cannon can launch just about anything, and Dena mostly use it in combination with explosives.
    Other equipment Dena uses, is, among other things, a pair of goggles. These blocks out her gorgon gaze as well as protecting her eyes from various hazards, while still allowing her to see.
    Her most important non-runic piece of equipment however is Violet, a magical scouting drone which is capable of detecting heat, see through walls, creating detailed maps of rooms and corridors through echolocation and detect hidden mechanisms among many other things.

    Abilities: Being nearly a hundred years old Dena has been able to pick up quite a few skills during her long life. As a part of the Jurga clan she became trained as a martial fighter and horse rider. As a slave she came to learn dancing, social etiquette, reading, writing and more risque abilities. As an adventurer she came to learn a great deal of magical artifacts and how to handle them, not to mention a great deal about the monsters who protected said treasures. She have also picked up animal handling, horseshoeing, a bit of smiting and wilderness survival, just to mention a few.

    As a gorgon she is also capable of quickly turning anyone who look into her eyes into stone, but jade rather than granite or marble. As soon as her eyes are unshielded anyone that meets her gaze will have a hard time looking away, finding her eyes mesmerizing. Anyone caught by the gaze will relatively quickly start to turn into jade, beginning at the extremities before moving inwards. While the effect is fast it isn't instant so the victim will have time to look away. While body parts turned to jade aren't easily turned back even by the most powerful types of magic such effects only occurs if the gaze is met for more than a moment. Otherwise it simply leaves the person with blurred vision and stiffness of their extremities. Her fangs and the snake heads that make up her hair are filled with a poison which is capable to leave a person dazed, exhausted and in a suggestible state of mind. The snakes that make up her hair can be controlled to some degree, she can see through their eyes, and even lengthen or shorten them to a certain extent.
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