What color(s) do you prefer to wear?
I really don't pay all that much attention to what colors I wear. That said, I was thinking it over the other day, in anticipation of this question, and I realized that wear quite a bit of brown.

What do you like to collect?
Books. I've also got a few card games I used to play, but those collections are, sadly, stagnating these days since I don't realy get to play any of them any more. It doesn't help any that the two best CCGs I used to play are both out of print.

How many avatars do you have?
I've got one that I use across the internet, but for some reason, I just didn't feel it fit in on these boards, so I never used it here.

Other than that, I've a pair of avatars that I've used here, due to ponythread antics, but neither really feels like it's "mine."

Are you ever coming to GenCon?
Probably not. I'd like to go, but the only way I really see it being affordable would be if I dropped the two local cons I attend. I'd probably have to drop them for a couple years, too.

What type of chocolate do you prefer?
The best chocolate is the kind I'm eating- just as long as it's not too bitter.

What type and how many pets do you have?
I don't have any pets. I'm really not an animal person.

Do you enjoy watching the Weather Channel?
There's some stuff in their schedule that sounds interesting, but somehow I've never gotten around to actually watching it.