I'm sorry, but my position on translating the comics remains the same as it has for several years: I'm not interested in pursuing official translation of the comic for various reasons, not the least of which is my inability to maintain quality control over the finished product (because I only speak English). I had attempted to have translations in other languages, made by volunteers, early in the strip's history; I was regularly told that they were very poorly written and eventually removed them from site. Since I have no way of personally verifying whether another person is doing a good or a bad job translating, I choose to keep OOTS in English.

However, anyone is permitted to make a "fan translation" of the text and post it here or on another website, but please do not alter the images to place that text into the speech balloons. This is both because I generally do not allow my copyrighted images to be altered and reposted at all, and also to avoid the appearance that a given fan translation is "official." Whether or not people get tired of reading the comic with fan-translated text open in a separate window is not really a problem I am going to worry about.