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    All my homebrew is open content intended for use in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition games. You may use it in your games, edit it, expand upon it or rewrite it to suit your needs. Just credit me as its creator, please.

    Finished Homebrew:
    Base Classes:
    The Physician
    The Handyman
    The Sage
    T6 Base Classes
    The Arcane Crafter
    The Incanter
    The Soul Searcher
    The Paranoid
    The Wanderer

    Prestige Classes:
    The Master Craftsman
    The Scroll Master
    The Impassible Warden
    The Whirling Fist
    The Life Bringer (also contains the Life Domain)
    The Dire Disintegrater
    The Dedicated Hunter
    The Obliterater
    The Annihilator
    The Focused Master
    The Windlord

    Legendary Classes
    The Silver Hand

    10-Level Retools:
    The Barbarian
    The Bard
    The Cleric
    The Fighter
    The Paladin
    The Sorcerer
    The Wizard

    The Blyttz

    Micro Templates

    Casting in Armor
    Assorted Caster Feats
    Feats to Change You Bonus HP Stat
    Feats to Reduce the Need for Sleep
    Mass Spell (Metamagic)
    Immediate Spell (Metamagic)
    Solo Feats
    Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes fix
    Closely Bonded Familiar
    (Mostly) Monk Feats
    Blessed Turning
    Feats that grant spells
    Divine Mark feat chain

    Earthbound Nova
    Magic Mistletoe
    Lingering Toxin
    Cure, Inflict, Heal and Harm Redone
    Aspect of Divinity
    Orb of Obliteration
    Massive Assault
    Elemental Missile (Spell Series)
    Necromantic Bolt (Spell Series)
    Fireblast Vial
    Divine Safeguard
    Perfect Energy (Spell Series)
    Prismatic Domain
    Alingment Shifting Spells
    Light Domain
    Electricity Domain
    Stunning Burst
    Disintegrating Missile
    End Magic
    Circle of Gravity
    Disintigrating Sword
    Cloud Bomb
    Prismatic Mote
    Prismatic Bow Rewrite
    Thought Bubble

    Toxcite (New Weapon Material)
    Magitech Weaponry

    Hero Point System
    Skillpoint Based Proficiencies

    Unfinished Homebrew:
    Base Classes:
    The Jack of All Trades: total rework in progress (technically still playable as is)
    Redead: need to make his invocations.
    Mighty Warrior: will be getting a full overhaul; my goal is a T2 non-magical class.
    The Metamorph: will be getting more class features later (technically playable as is)

    Flits and Gremlins: need to add in the changes people pointed out for me on Flits, and write up Gremlin racial stats.

    Theme/Series of Classes:
    Order of Elemental Angels: need to add Elemental Wings, and I have ideas for PrCs and feats. I also have ideas for updates to Elemental Fist and Elemental Crusader, but those can wait till my playtest campaign is through for now.
    Master of Mind and Body: need to finish the remaining 5 psionic discipline's classes.

    The End Of Time: contains classes, races, templates, items, artifacts, creatures, deities, and a new plane to put in campaigns.

    Antimagic Bolt: will be getting retooled into a reworking into an antimagic fix.

    Chozo Power Suit

    If anyone has any comments on any of my homebrew, feel free to PM me, I love comments and suggestions.
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