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It's not like you want to pursue the Power Attack angle, as you already take an attack penalty for getting extra attacks. But really, I think this levels the playing field quite nicely, as now TWF has the same investment as Power Attack does and, where the Power Attacker by itself has diminishing returns as they swing wilder and wilder, the TWFer maintains the same attack penalty for more and more attacks.
The piece you're missing is that even without any Power Attack, TWF is pretty much on-par with a 2-handed weapon; it does 2 more average damage at most (if you use a d10 weapon for your main hand or a d8/d8 double weapon), and has a -2 attack penalty. There are ways to make it useful, but they're tricky to pull off (examples would be spells that give a bonus to damage, such as Divine Favor, or using per-hit enchantments like energy or Wounding on the weapons).