Just about every single skirmisher from just about every single fantasy world, including many elves/elf-like characters (Legolas as a perfect example, uses his swords a fair old bit if you read the books), not to mention every character you've ever seen anywhere using a staff or similar as a double ended weapon. It's actually quite a fantasy staple which has even been reinvented for modern tellings by people like John Woo who almost obsesses over dual-wielding pistols.

two weapon pounce and two weapon rend might be good stand ins for improved TWF and Greater TWF
+1 to that. Also maybe look at unifying the 2 weapon defence feats in a similar manner, they should be far more prevailant an option. Having done a reasonable amount of LRP and re-enactment I can tell you the main reason for dual wielding anything is actually as a strategic/defensive posture, not for 'extra attacks'. Best example is a sword and axe combo (very Viking!). The sword is your main weapon, and does most of the actual attacking, the axe is there to take advantage of any openings, but more importantly to CREATE the openings in the first place. I would like to see a set of feats for 2 weapon fighting which give you options like sacrificing attacks with your off-hand to:
reduce enemy AC from shields and maybe some armours
gain a bonus on trip/disarm attempts
increase your AC by parrying with the offhand

2WF isn't about the extra attacks in RL, it's about the extra options. That said, I think the feat fixes a highly annoying problem with the fighting style and I approve!