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Thematically, what niche should twf fill?

one-hander: swashbuckler; Erol Flynn, Sinbad, Three Musketeers

sword & board: Soldierly types - slow and steady; Roman legionnaires, hoplites, etc

two-hander: big muscled Conan/Thrud types

two weapon: ?

Once we answer this question collectively, we can better make feats or whatever that work for twf.
Based on real life, two weapons are very useful for defense against slashing weapons, and also can make maneuvers that take one weapon of each person out of commission (binds and so on) extremely useful.

Another idea for sufficiently skilled TWF-ers would be a sort of "trap", where the weapons are maneuvered in a manner so as to make it impossible to dodge both of them.

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One sort of silly idea is to "keep" Improved and Greater TWF, and simply have them give you even more attacks on a full attack, or two strikes as a standard action.

Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Prerequisite: Two Weapon Fighting, Dex 17
When you make an attack action as a standard action, an attack of opportunity, or at the end of a charge, and are wielding two weapons, you may attack with each of them once at your highest base attack bonus if you take the two-weapon fighting attack roll penalties.

Greater Two Weapon Fighting
Prerequisite: Two Weapon Fighting, Dex 17, BaB +6
When you make a full attack while wielding two weapons, you can make an extra attack with each at your highest base attack bonus in addition to any attacks you would normally make. This stacks with any similar effect.
Could work, but you'd have to make sure that it doesn't get broken when combined with anything else.