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Surge: This spell, which is a swift action to cast, and as such must be used on your turn, grants the subject a +20 insight bonus on their initiative count. So let's say your initiative is 10, your fighter friend goes on 6, and the monster goes on 4. On your turn, you cast the spell on your fighter friend. His initiative is now 26. Meaning that he cannot act on his old initiative count of 6, and the monster on 4 actually gets to act before him.
Case 1:
1st round: monster goes on 15, fighter on 10, you go on 7. Monsters acts, fighter acts, you use surge on you and do your other actions.
2nd round: you act at 27, thus gaining a turn on the monster.

Case 2: You go on 20, monster at 18, fighter is surprised. You cast surge on the fighter, that will go first in the following round.