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Please don't think you have to defend against them, or try to find a convincing explanation for them. All you have to do is say "I changed my mind" and that is good enough.
Except that I didn't change my mind on any of the things being pointed out here. They exist as I intended them to exist. You're just seeing a contradiction where there is none.

Conversely, you're defending your assertion that they are errors against people providing logical explanations:

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But that was before she fell. After the fall, she was a lot weaker, and could be defeated by Roy alone. It is reasonable to think she would be killed in an explosion.
Sure, it would have been reasonable to think that, but Haley didn't think that. She thought the opposite, which is also reasonable. A character thinking one reasonable thing instead of another reasonable thing is not a plot hole or a contradiction or a mistake. It just is.

Why argue against plausible explanations, unless your goal is to assert that they really are errors?

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So Redcloack was wrong when he estimated it would only grow another hundred feet?
The rift he was measuring was the literal holeóthe dark-magenta-and-white partónot the lighter "cracks" surrounding it, which have spread out much further. If the hole grew 100 feet in six months, then the cracks grew another few hundred beyond that, putting them close to the tower.