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    Fey Races
    including monster classes (aka level-adjusted races)

    See also Fey Creatures above: anything with a listed LA can be used as a race. Here I list only those without racial Hit Die.

    Spoiler: Fey Races (official)
    Name Source Type LA
    Duskling MoI 10 Medium Fey (Extraplanar, Incarnum) +0
    Feytouched FF 71 Medium Fey +1
    Gruwaar Dr#317 Small Fey +0
    Jaebrin MM5 92 Medium Fey +1
    Killoren RW 102 Medium Fey +0
    Nixie MM 235 Small Fey (Aquatic) +3
    Petal MM3 120 Tiny Fey +2 (cohort)
    Pixie MM 236 Small Fey +4 or +6
    Uldra Fr 158 Small Fey +1

    Spoiler: Fey Races (homebrew)
    Name Source Type LA Notes
    Ćlfr Mulletmanalive Medium Humanoid [Ćlfr, Fć] +3 Scandinavian elves
    Dusk Dancer Lord_Gareth Medium Fey (Humanoid) +2
    Fair Owrtho Medium Fey +0
    Ghostlight Mulletmanalive Tiny Fey +0
    Leprechaun Krimm_Blackleaf Humanoid (Gnome) +2
    Nac Mac Feegle Welknair Diminutive Fey (Extraplanar) +2
    Ninko Mulletmanalive Medium Humanoid [Fox, Yokai] +1 Japan
    Patupaiarehe Mulletmanalive Medium Humanoid (Fć blood) +3 Maori
    Raptember boomwolf Small Outsider (Fae) +0
    Syphe Owrtho Medium Fey +0
    Unspirited Morph Bark Medium Fey (Dragonblood, Incarnum) +0

    Spoiler: Fey Races (third party)
    Name Source Type LA Notes
    Aaleear LL:MR 5 Tiny Fey +2 Gentle and genteel, dwelling in harmony with nature
    Ashmaklin ASoS Diminutive Fey +0
    Bogie F 4 Small Fey +1 the tricksters of the fey
    Changeling TLP 16 Medium Fey +0 left behind by fey in exchange for a stolen child
    Deep Fey F 5 Medium Fey +2 underground fey
    Faerie ARCE 15 Small Fey +2 elven subrace
    Faery F 6 Tiny or Small Fey varies "common" fey
    Feeorin F 8 Medium Fey +2 noble fey
    Fey Halfling QH Small Fey +0
    Feyborn CotF Medium Humanoid +0
    Grogan CGF 30 Small Fey +0 small-sized fey with the hindquarters of some hooved beast
    Half-Fey F 10 Medium Fey +1 born of the passionate union between a feeorin and a mortal
    Houri B&B 34 Medium Humanoid +5 nymph/elf breed
    Kitsune Small Fey +0
    Piper B&B 47 Medium Humanoid +2 satyr/elf or halfling breed
    Puck CGF 31 Small Fey +0 human-like fey, who remind many of precocious children
    Scath F 11 Medium Fey +1 children born to mortal and deep fey parents
    Seelie Faerie LL:MR 56 Tiny Fey +3 at home in the Fairy Realms, aka the Dreaming
    Shee CGF 32 Medium Fey +0 the most powerful and beautiful of any of the fair folk
    Spring Child B&B 49 Medium Humanoid +2 dryad/humanoid breed
    Sprite F 12 Small Fey +1 race originating from a feeorin marrying a mortal
    Spryte AE 22 Tiny Fey +0 the result of a transformation from a kind of faen (has racial levels, too)
    Trixie B&B 53 Small Humanoid +3 pixie/gnome breed
    Unseelie Faerie LL:MR 56 Tiny Fey +3 have been cast out of the Fairy Realms, and live in the lands of mortals
    Urchin CGF 33 Small Fey +0 strange-looking but kind fey
    Wise Hare ME1 Tiny Fey +0

    As introduced in Savage Species, including Template Classes:
    Spoiler: Fey Monster Classes (official)
    Name Source Type Levels
    Feytouched Web Medium Fey 1
    Grig SS 175 Tiny Fey 4
    Half-Fey [template] Web as base creature 2
    Nixie SS 188 Small Fey 4
    Pixie SS 190 Small Fey 5
    Satyr SS 192 Medium Fey 7

    Most of the following are Improved Monster Classes, essentially a variant (may not mesh well with official material):
    Spoiler: Fey Monster Classes (homebrew)
    Name Source Type Levels Notes
    Cheshire Cat Oscelamo Small Fey 3
    Dryad Oscelamo Medium Fey 3 Greek
    Gloura LOTRfan Medium Fey 7
    Gray Jester Oscelamo Medium Fey 4
    Half-Fey [template] Kobold-Bard as base creature 1
    Joystealer Anomander Medium Fey (incorporeal) 5
    Joystealer Paragon [PrC] Anomander as base creature 3
    leShay Oscelamo Medium Fey 28 Epic
    Murderjack Oscelamo Medium Fey 9
    Nixie Oscelamo Small Fey (Aquatic) 1
    Nymph Bodez Medium Fey 7 Greek
    Pixie Oscelamo Small Fey 5
    Pixie Paragon [PrC] Oscelamo Small Fey 3
    Redcap Draken Small Fey 7
    Satyr Oscelamo Medium Fey 4 Greek
    Selkie-folk Mulletmanalive Medium Fey 2 Scottish
    Shaedling Gorgondantess Medium Fey 2
    Verdant Prince Shadowknight12 Medium Fey 11
    Wendigo [template] Oscelamo Fey 2 Native American
    Wild Hunt Oscelamo Large Fey 22

    Spoiler: Fey Monster Classes (third party)
    Name Source Type Levels
    Nymph F 14 Medium Fey 20
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