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    Fey Templates

    Spoiler: Templates (official)
    Name Source Applies to Type Type Becomes LA Notes
    Half-Fey FF 89 any corporeal living creature Fey +2
    Half-Nymph Dr#313 any humanoid +3 treated as fey
    Half-Satyr Dr#313 any giant, humanoid, or monstrous humanoid +1 treated as fey
    Mirage Mullah Sa 177 any humanoid Fey +3 or +4
    Mistling FW 152 ? ? ?
    Seelie Court Fey Dr#304 Fey Fey CR+1
    Spirit Animal Fr 155 Animal Fey (Augmented Animal, Incorporeal) CR+1
    Telthor Una 74 any animal or humanoid Fey +2
    Unseelie Fey Dr#304 any living creature Fey CR+0
    Wendigo FF 186 any animal, giant, humanoid, magical beast, or monstrous humanoid Fey (Cold) +4 Native American

    Spoiler: Templates (homebrew)
    Name Source Applies to Type Type Becomes LA Notes
    Anamola The Vorpal Tribble any female humanoid a mayura has taken as his wife Fey +2
    Black Passion The Vorpal Tribble any corporeal giant, humanoid, or monstrous humanoid with an intelligence score of at least 3 humanoids become monstrous humanoids +4 playthings of malicious members of the Unseelie Court
    Bogeyman Mulletmanalive any animal, humanoid or Fć CR+1
    Draugr/Grassman Mulletmanalive any corporeal undead gains the Fae subtype CR+2 Possessing plants that create Fae undead
    Epic Fey Bhu any Fey with HD 21 or more fey epicness
    Elegy The Vorpal Tribble any creature with 10 ranks or more in Perform (sing) and a Charisma score of at least 13 Fey (incorporeal, augmented) +4 lingering tune of life
    Fairie Courtier The Vorpal Tribble any fey, or an outsider from the plane of Faerie +3
    Frogrider Fax Celestis any corporeal non-fey Fey +1
    Half-Fey Chambers any living, corpreal creature gains feyblood subtype +2
    Lunar Progeny The Demented One any corporeal, living creature Fey +1
    Seelie zagan any non-fey Fey +3
    Stolen Child HeadlessMermaid any humanoid or monstrous humanoid +2 raised by fey (changeling), treated as fey when beneficial
    Thorn Guardian Thistle any animal, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, or vermin Fey +3

    Spoiler: Templates (third party)
    Name Source Applies to Type Type Becomes LA Notes
    Accantus BK 39 humanoids with the child of the sea template Fey (aquatic) +1 a child of the sea who was abused as a youth and whose aquatic traits grew twisted
    Ascended QE any elf Fey CR+5 expressions of the voice of the Allfather
    Child of the Sea BK 39 any non-aquatic humanoid creature Fey (aquatic) +2 aquatic faerie folk who rely on surface dwellers to produce children
    Dark Fey LL:MH 84 any fey or animal Fey CR+1 see themselves as the sovereign lords and dictators of their domains
    Dark Ice Fey CoT any fey without the fire subtype gains the Cold subtype CR+1 empowered by the cold hate of the Ice Queen
    Debased Fey TH2 205 any fey +1 sometimes called dark or unseelie fey
    Deep Fey LL:MH 85 any fey CR+1 tend to subterranean wilderness
    Fey-Kissed BT 43 any living creature +1 taken away usually as lovers by fey
    Fey-Shaped CGF 35 any creature except undead, constructs, oozes, and outsiders Fey +0 includes stolen children, called "Malekin"
    Fey Legacy QS any corporeal creature Fey appropriate for sorcerers
    Fey-born F 122 any corporeal creature Fey +3 normal creatures born in FaerieLand
    Fey-Touched QS any corporeal creature appropriate for sorcerers
    Fomori CGF 36 any creature except undead, constructs, oozes, and outsiders Fey +0 converted creatures that serve as the warrior caste within the horde
    Half-Fey LL:MH 86 any humanoid Fey +0 child of a mortal and a fey
    Half-Fey F 124 any non-fey corporeal creature Fey +1 child of a mortal and a fey
    High Fey F 125 any corporeal creature Fey CR+1 highly improved version, due to the magical nature of FaerieLand
    Nymph Child BT 115 any living creature except elemental, nymph, or ooze Fey +3 offspring of a nymph and something else
    Seasonal AB 216 any living creature that normally lives above ground +1 gains abilities depending on the season
    Seelie AB 218 any land-dwelling, intelligent, nonevil plant, animal, beast, fey or magical beast gains Extraplanar and Feyblood subtype +3 seelie are good
    Shadow-born F 126 any non-fey corporeal creature Fey +2 born in Shadows are imbued with magic
    Spirit-Cursed ME2 any non-monstrous humanoid Monstrous Humanoid +2 cursed by Fey or Outsiders
    Unseelie AB 246 any living, intelligent, evil creature gains Extraplanar and Feyblood subtype +2 unseelie are evil
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