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    Fey Classes and Prestige Classes

    Spoiler: Base Classes (official)
    Name Source Notes
    Sidhe Scholar Druid Dr#339
    Spirit Shaman CD can chastise Fey, treated as fey
    Wild Defender Ranger DR#324 can Rebuke Fey

    Spoiler: Base Classes (homebrew)
    Name Source Notes
    Trickster Realms of Chaos Faerie Blade
    Wyldwood Knight Zaydos ToB champion of the Fey court

    Spoiler: Base Classes (third party)
    Name Source Notes
    Empyrean CGF 38 spontaneous full caster fey
    Exorcist HF can Turn Fey
    Fey Hero CGF 36 spontaneous caster (6th lvl) fey
    Ruffian CGF 39 size-increasing fey warrior

    Spoiler: Prestige Classes (official)
    Name Source Typical Entry Notes
    Blade Bravo RS 99 fighter/rogue adaptation: fits some small or smaller fey
    Branch Dancer Dr#310
    Cold Iron Warrior Web
    Courtier Web
    Dark Hunter Web
    Eldeen Ranger: Greensinger Eb 74 ranger, druid follower of the druidic teachings that say the Fey are allies
    Heartwarder FP 196 bard becomes fey, aesthete and hedonist
    Rimefire Witch Fr becomes fey
    Swanmay BoED 76 becomes fey
    Tree-Friend Dr#307 becomes fey, someone who saves a Dryad’s tree and is thanked with Dryadlike abilities
    Waverider SS
    Wild Soul CM 84 An arcanist who wields power from the realm of the fey
    Wildrunner RW becomes fey

    Spoiler: Prestige Classes (homebrew)
    Name Source Typical Entry Notes
    Bloodmist Dancer Eldan ToB/Ninja avenger of nature
    Child of the Seelie Court PId6
    Dark Waltzing The Vorpal Tribble
    Disciple of the Midnight Revel Gossipmonger
    Faerie Knight Mulletmanalive champion chosen by a Fćrie Queen
    Faerie Queen Mulletmanalive
    Feyblessed Knight Eurus Knight or Paladin
    Fey Archer ColonelFuster
    Nightsinger Gareth unseelie trickster
    Seiđkona of the Iron Bands Djinn_In_Tonic binder has bound a mighty Fae Lord
    Servant of the Spirits Mephibosheth spirit shaman can focus on chastising/dealing with fey in particular
    Unholy Eye of Balor Xallace Totemist/Warlock feyblooded warlock flavor
    Unseelie Chancellor Zaydos Warlock/Druid Theurge
    Unseelie Knight Krimm_Blackleaf ToB/druid
    Warden of the Hedge Djinn_In_Tonic gish
    Wild Child Golden-Esque feral stolen child

    Spoiler: Prestige Classes (third party)
    Name Source Typical Entry Notes
    Aaleear Enchanter LL:MR 8 aaleear arcane caster learns to temporarily imbue nonmagical objects with limited magical power
    Child of the Wood LL:PF 5 druid make friends with a dryad, become fey
    Child of the Woods CotF sorcerer or bard gains fey abilities and SLAs
    Chosen Protector FM 32 ranger sworn defender of the fey
    Elven Shaman 3E elven caster fey abilities, becomes fey
    Faemancer F 19 has a collaborative if not symbiotic relationship with fey
    Faerie Hunter F 21 seeks to destroy all fey life, especially the faeries
    Faerier SM bard learn seelie and unseelie arts
    Faerier F 22 devote themselves to the study of fey
    Fae-Walker F 24 Rogue navigate through borderlands between worlds, like shadowcasters
    Fairy Dreamer LL:MR 58 fairy arcane caster learns to manipulate the link between the sidhe and the Dreaming
    Fey Guardian F 26 arcane & divine caster adopt people with little means and seek to positively change their lives
    Feydancer FM 26 captivated by the Reverie, become fey
    Fey-Touced F 28 mortal who has visited FaerieLand and was deeply affected by its magic
    Fey Lord QS sorcerer masters of illusions and enchantments
    Fool King CotF
    Gossamer Armiger LL:MH 79 grig or pixie fey knights who create illusions to mislead their opponents
    Grey Knight of the Fey UPS2 rare mortals who have been chosen by a Queen of the Fey
    Horde Rider CGF 40 mounted raider, shock trooper of the Nightmare Court
    Knight of the Fey F 29 fey fighter defend the inhabitants of the Twilight Lands from any hostile threats
    Mage of the Circle F 30 wizard taps into the magical power of Fey Circles
    Mortal Slayer F 31 fey fighter drives out any mortal threats in FaerieLand
    Princely Hero UPS2 fairytale prince, blessed by Fey
    Spellbinder FM 28 wizard can craft fey tokens
    Sylvan Mage THS arcane caster gains access to sylvan rites
    Twilight Warlock CGF 41 arcane caster spellcaster between the worlds of humanity and of the fey
    Verdant Overseer LL:MH 80 ranger fey whose life force is tied to a region
    Warden of the Woods CotF ranger
    Wildsinger GWE 50 bard or druid bard/druid who can rebuke fey with bardic music
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