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    Fey Stuff
    items, feats, spells etc

    Spoiler: Official
    Type Name Source
    Alchemical Item Cold Iron Charm Dr#331
    Alchemical Item Cold Iron Draught Dr#331
    Alchemical Item Orticusp / Night Venom Realms
    Alchemical Item Pixie Table / Memorybind Realms
    Artifact Dazzling Stone Teardrop Collection Web
    Artifact Gray Portrait Web
    Artifact Harp of Shimmering Beauty Web
    Artifact Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty AEG
    Artifact Kira's Necklace Web
    Deity Mielikki FP 48
    Deity Valarian BoED 26
    Domain Fey BoED 84
    Drug Terran Brandy BoVD 43
    Feat Aquatic Fey Bloodline Dr#335
    Feat Archivist of Nature HH
    Feat Beauty's Bounty Web
    Feat Charmed Life Web
    Feat Charming the Arrow Web
    Feat Excised From the Web of Life Dr#336
    Feat Fey Bloodline Dr#311
    Feat Fey Heritage CM
    Feat Fey Legacy CM
    Feat Fey Power CM
    Feat Fey Prescience Dr#335
    Feat Fey Presence CM
    Feat Fey Skin CM
    Feat Fey's Fate Dr#311
    Feat Greensinger Initiate ECS
    Feat Nymp's Kiss BoED
    Feat Seelie Court Member Web
    Feat Seelie Court Noble Kelir Web
    Feat Unseelie Court Member Web
    Feat Unseelie Court Noble Kelir Web
    Item Basket of Delights Web
    Item Blood Moon Forcecage Web
    Item Briar Blood Stone Web
    Item Cloak of Sheltering Web
    Item Distillate of Dew Web
    Item Dyerwaen PGF 125
    Item Fairy Gold SS 56
    Item Fey Arrow AEG
    Item Fey Flute Dr#322
    Item Figurines of Wondrous Power Web
    Item Garland of Starfire Web
    Item Geas Acorn SS 57
    Item Gem of Darkness Web
    Item Grig Fiddle SS 57
    Item Horn of Bounty Web
    Item Laurel Crown Web
    Item Living Landscape Web
    Item Master Fiddle SS 58
    Item Mirror of Fate Web
    Item Orrery of the Planes: Thelanis ECS 271
    Item Pendant of True Sight Web
    Item Pixie Dust AEG
    Item Satyr Pipes SS 58
    Item Shirt of the Fey MIC 134
    Item Sylvan Cloak DC 141
    Item Sylvan Cloak, Greater DC 142
    Item Tapestry of Travel Web
    Item Treefriend Pouch Web
    Item Vial of Blackest Night Web
    Item (cursed) Basket of Tainted Delights Web
    Item (cursed) Decorative Statue Web
    Item (cursed) Figurine of Horrific Power Web
    Item (cursed) Jewel of Deceit Web
    Item (cursed) M'Ara's Shoes Web
    Item (cursed) Mask of the Beast Web
    Item (cursed) Staff of Disintegration (Perverse) Web
    Item Template Feycraft DMG2 274
    Magical Location Altar of the Dreamwalker DMGII 237
    Magical Plant Fey Cherry Dr#357
    Plane Thelanis, the Faerie Court ECS 99
    Special Material Coldwood Dr#357
    Special Material Cold Iron PHB
    Spell Blinding Beauty BoED 92
    Spell Block Crossroads Web
    Spell Circle of Friends Web
    Spell Crown of Flame BoED 95
    Spell Detect Crossroad Mag 88
    Spell Junglerazer SpC 127
    Spell Nature's Wrath ECS 114
    Spell Nixie's Grace SpC 148
    Spell Nondescript Web
    Spell Regal Procession Web
    Spell Return to Nature ECS 115
    Spell Sirine's Grace SpC 191
    Spell Unearthly Beauty BoED 110
    Spell Unicorn Horn CM 121
    Spell Zone of Natural Purity ECS 117
    Spell Component Fairy Button CM 8
    Spell Component Fairy Dust CM 136
    Trap Fey Ring DMG2 42
    Unique NPC ability Fey Spirit DMG2 158
    Vestige Desharis The Sprawling Soul Web

    Spoiler: Homebrew
    Type Name Source
    ACF Feywild ACFs Chambers
    Alchemical Item Red Dew The Vorpal Tribble
    Discipline Star Dream Zaydos
    Domain Archery Zaydos
    Domain Fey Zaydos
    Domain Song Zaydos
    Equipment Pixie Lance Fax Celestis
    Feat Changeling Mulletmanalive
    Feat Changeling Rich Burlew
    Feat Child of the Faerie Djinn_In_Tonic
    Feat Craft Fetch Mulletmanalive
    Feat Create Stock Mulletmanalive
    Feat Faerie Fief Mulletmanalive
    Feat Fey Blood Rich Burlew
    Feat Fey Charm Chambers
    Feat Fey Compulsion Chambers
    Feat Fey Defiance Rich Burlew
    Feat Fey Heritage Chambers
    Feat Fey Legacy Chambers
    Feat Fey Mischief Chambers
    Feat Fey Power Chambers
    Feat Fey Resolve Chambers
    Feat Fey Scout Chambers
    Feat Fey Shape Rich Burlew
    Feat Feytouched Chambers
    Feat Leader of the Pack Rich Burlew
    Feat Pixie Lead Mulletmanalive
    Feat Siren Mulletmanalive
    Feat Titania's Blessing Djinn_In_Tonic
    Feat Wanderjahr Chambers
    Feat Wayfarer Chambers
    Feat Whispers of the Fey Chambers
    Feat Wordsmith Chambers
    Flaw Geas Mulletmanalive
    Spell Gremlin Woes Jack Mann
    Spell Nymph's Grace Zaydos
    Spell Spirit Arrow Zaydos

    Spoiler: Third Party Feats
    Name Source
    Accelerate [Fairy] TLP 72
    Beguiling Voice LL:MH 82
    Blood of the Fey F 17
    Child of Magic [Fey] CF 30
    Child of the Wilderness DD 18
    Craft Token FM 34
    Craft: Charms and Bracelets [Item Creation] F 18
    Craft: Fey Dusts [Item Creation] F 18
    Craftsman’s Blessing [Fey] CF 30
    Crossing Over [Fey] F 18
    Curse of the Fey [Fey] CF 30
    Death Curse [Fey] CF 30
    Deep Cynosure CGF 42
    Domestic Spirit [Fey] CF 31
    Eldritch Vestiture CGF 42
    Enlarge Fairy Power [Fairy] TLP 72
    Evil Eye [Fey] CF 31
    Extend Fairy Power [Fairy] TLP 73
    Faerie Luck [Fey] CF 31
    Fairy Gift CotF
    Favored of the Fey CotF
    Fearsome Voice LL:MH 82
    Fey Archer QE
    Fey Blood QA
    Fey Blood QE
    Fey Blood (Bloodgift) F 11
    Fey Blooded FM 34
    Fey Foundling PCCS
    Fey Friend CotF
    Fey Gift FM 34
    Fey Grace CotF
    Fey Mage AE 136
    Fey Magic CotF
    Fey Magic (Bloodgift) F 11
    Fey Magic [Metamagic] F 18
    Fey Quickness QA
    Fey Sense [Fey] F 18
    Fey Sensitivity QA
    Fey Sight CGF 43
    Fey Sorcery CotF
    Fey Soul B&B 90
    Fey Spell Mastery F 18
    Fey Swordsman QE
    Fey Touch QE
    Fey Voice QE
    Glamour LL:MH 83
    Grace of the Fey (Bloodgift) F 12
    Greater Eldritch Vestiture CGF 43
    Greater Wild Empathy UM
    Haunted Gnome UC
    Haunted Gnome Assault UC
    Haunted Gnome Shroud UC
    Helpful Spirit [Fey] CF 31
    Hypnotizing Magic [Metamagic] F 19
    Improved Eldritch Vestiture CGF 43
    Improved Magic Weave CGF 44
    Inhuman Performance [Fey] CF 31
    Insight of the Fey F 19
    Inspiration [Fey] CF 31
    Leaf Singer APG
    Magic Weave CGF 44
    Majestic Spirit of the Wood LL:MH 83
    Major Spell Ability LL:MH 83
    Mark of the Fey FM 34
    Mark of the Fey (Bloodgift) F 13
    Master's Spell Ability LL:MH 83
    Minor Spell Ability LL:MH 83
    Nature’s Aspect [Fey] F 19
    Oracular Vision [Fey] CF 31
    Path of Dreams (Bloodgift) F 14
    Personal Focus CGF 44h
    Quicken Fairy Power [Fairy] TLP 73
    Reality Bends [Fey] CF 32
    Reduced Cynosure Dependency CGF 44
    Resist Fey FM 34
    Resist Fey F 68
    Second Sight [Fey] F 19
    Separable Soul CGF 44
    Shadow Weaver [Fey] CF 32
    Shun Steel [Fey] CF 32
    Sixth Sense [Fey] F 19
    Soul of Iron CotF
    Supernatural Altruism CGF 45
    Superstitious [Fey] CF 32
    Swarm [Fairy] TLP 73
    Trip [Fairy] TLP 73
    Twilight Magic CotF
    Uncanny Spellcasting CGF 45
    Unearthly Grace CGF 45
    Unearthly Luck CGF 45
    Voice of the Wood LL:MH 83
    Waking Dreamer FM 34
    Woodland's Sniper LL:MH 83

    Spoiler: Third Party Items
    Type Name Source
    Alchemical Item Faerie Dust QE
    Alchemical Item Fey Spirits QE
    Artifact Cauldron of Dagda FM 51
    Artifact Eye of Rapture CoT
    Artifact Magic Sword of Nuada FM 51
    Artifact Slingshot of Lugh FM 51
    Artifact Stone of Fal FM 50
    Artifact The Pipe of Command CC3 30
    Artifact Witch Ice Shard CoT
    Equipment Dryad Pheromones QS
    Equipment Fairy Dagger LL:MR 58
    Equipment Fey Bow LL:MR 8
    Equipment Firefly Bolt ASoS
    Equipment Flamedart ASoS
    Equipment Shocklash -
    Equipment Vine Armor FM 47
    Equipment Wasp Bolt ASoS
    Item Arrow of Memory Loss CotF
    Item Beautiful Loneliness -
    Item Belt of Feyform BEM3 41
    Item Carnival Dolls CoT
    Item Charms F 109
    Item Circlet Of Spirit Sight BoAM
    Item Circlet of the Fey F 113
    Item Cobweb TLP 73
    Item Dance of the Aching Heart CotF
    Item Dusts F 110
    Item Earthen Grasp Armor FM 48
    Item Elixir of Feysight GWE 96
    Item Essence Injector: Fey QS
    Item Faerie Sword QW
    Item Fairy Cloak CotF
    Item Fairy Dust TLP 74
    Item Fairy Ointment TLP 74
    Item Fairy Sword TLP 74
    Item Fey Tokens FM 50
    Item Foul Feyslayer Sword F 115
    Item Horn of the Fey F 114
    Item Leggings of Elvenkind BPH 148
    Item Mucknurgle’s Jesting Rod CotF
    Item Oil of a Thousand Leagues CotF
    Item Oil of Feywing UEG 54
    Item Quicksilver Strand CotF
    Item Ring of Fairy Glamor CotF
    Item Ring of Fey Blessing FM 49
    Item Ring of Fey Luck F 114
    Item Rod of Dreaming FM 49
    Item Rod of Fey Blood FM 49
    Item Rod of Fey Locating FM 49
    Item Self-Bored Stones TLP 75
    Item Six Black Skulls CotF
    Item Slumber WeaponFM 48
    Item Sprite Dagger FM 48
    Item Staff of the Fey F 114
    Item Stone of Confusion FM 48
    Item Sylvan Rope GWE 96
    Item The Sword of Five Lakes CotF
    Item Trackless Armor FM 47
    Item Tree Armor FM 48
    Item Unseen Armor FM 47
    Poison Wine of Faery QD2
    Special Material Feyhart Leather AW
    Special Material Feyblade F 109
    Special Material Feywood CotF
    Special Material Red Heartwood AGG 148

    Spoiler: Third Party Magic Etc

    Type Name Source
    Bloodline Fey Bloodline PF
    Boodline Fey Bloodline BL
    Deity Bringer of Nightmare BoDM
    Deity The Weather Witch BoDM
    Deity Lady of the Earth BoDM
    Deity She of the Shadows BoDM
    Deity Nocticula BF
    Deity Arawn PFB
    Domain Fey FM 35
    Domain Fey F 90
    Domain Fey Roads F 90
    Magical Plant Fainne Mushroom OL
    Magical Plant Fairie Grass OL
    Magical Plant Elf-leaf QD2
    Other ACF: Resist Nature's Lure QD2
    Other Mystery of Music: Bagpipes QB
    Other Mystery of Music: Panpipes QB
    Other Venue: Blessed by the Fey QB
    Other Ley Line Power: Fey QW
    Other Power Performance: Songs of the Wild QB2
    Other Druid Totem: Dryad QD2
    Other Rare Dish: Dewdrink UEG2
    Other Herb: Fairy Wings QW
    Spell Amnesia CGF 60
    Spell Anchor Fey F 92
    Spell Befriend Doorway Guardian F 93
    Spell Blinding Beauty FM 35
    Spell Child of the Wild Hunt CotF
    Spell Cloak of the Trickster FM 35
    Spell Cloud Judgment CotF
    Spell Contact Fey Oracle F 93
    Spell Corrupt Nature HOS 68
    Spell Create Doorway and Sideroad F 93
    Spell Detect Doorway F 94
    Spell Detect Fey FM 36
    Spell Detect Fey Doorway F 94
    Spell Dismiss Fey F 94
    Spell Elhhome GWE 73
    Spell Erase Memory FM 36
    Spell Faerie Dance F 95
    Spell Faerie Ward RGT
    Spell Faerie's Gold F 96
    Spell Fairy Glamor CotF
    Spell Fey Bane FM 36
    Spell Fey Curtain F 96
    Spell Fey Decree F 96
    Spell Fey Mask F 96
    Spell Fey Sight QW
    Spell Fey Storage BEM3 33
    Spell Fey Ward BEM3 33
    Spell Feyform F 96
    Spell Feysong SM
    Spell Fool's Gold F 97
    Spell Forest Walk GWE 73
    Spell Gift CGF 60
    Spell Gift of the Leprechaun FM 37
    Spell Greater Sleep FM 37
    Spell Heartweave CotF
    Spell Hex CGF 60
    Spell Improved Faerie Fire QW
    Spell Jinx CGF 60
    Spell Kiss of the Selkie FM 38
    Spell Lash Fey SM
    Spell Luck CGF 60
    Spell Luck of the Fey F 101
    Spell Magic Circle Against Fey FM 38
    Spell Nymph's Blessing FM 38
    Spell Open Doorway F 101
    Spell Protection from Fey FM 38
    Spell Puck's Curse CotF
    Spell Ring Dance, Greater F 98
    Spell Ring Dance, Lesser F 100
    Spell Sacred Source GWE 79
    Spell Seeming of Heart's Desire CotF
    Spell Sense Fey Portal FM 39
    Spell Sleep of Ages CGF 61
    Spell Sprit Sight BoAM
    Spell Step Sideways F 103
    Spell Storm of a Thousand Petals CotF
    Spell Sudden Stitch CGF 61
    Spell Summon Fey I - IX F 103-104
    Spell Transmogrification CGF 62
    Spell Unearthly Beauty FM 39
    Spell Unseen, Unheard CGF 62
    Spell Voice Theft CotF
    Spell Wildheart GWE 81
    Spell Woodland Sanctuary GWE 81
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