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Thread: The Legendary Ascendant [3.5 Base Class]

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    I hadn't even thought about how that would ruin the flavor. I was just thinking balance wise, but you are definitely right.
    You might be fine, but I'm just worried about some of their nukes in tandem with the amount of abilities they have access to. 20d6 is quite a bit of damage with their versatility. On the other hand some of them are only usable once per an encounter...
    As a I said I think it makes a tier 2, even if a lower tier 2. If your fine with that point then there isn't an issue, and nothing needs changed. But in the manner of things I think the only initiator that could stand up to this would be the warblade, if only because of it's more easily renewable maneuvers. The warblade might win because of attrition.
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