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Thread: The Legendary Ascendant [3.5 Base Class]

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    I quite like the basic idea. Why did you choose to go with Dragon, Phoenix and Fox-spirit? (Also, as a side-point, why "kitsune" instead of "fox," "fox-spirit" or "demon-fox?" Dear Renard is a classic magical trickster in plenty of non-Japanese cultures.)

    I feel like at early levels, the Ascendant needs medium armor. You haven't got much in the way of defense or offensive versatility to start out with, and you're a little MAD, so a little extra AC might be nice.

    Avatar is well-worded, and it's good that you still have to jump through some hoops if you want to go the Metabreath route.

    In general, the early levels are nice: you're a little fragile at 1st level, but around 2 or 3 you start to come into your own defensively and offensively (and the more fragile forms stay useful by having offensive abilities that help their defense). The Kitsune's charm is the only thing that worries me here, but its short duration and increasing save bonus should keep out-of-combat use to a minimum.

    At level 4, the rock-paper-scissors dynamic of the class really starts to set in *certain avatars are really excellent for shutting down the weaknesses of other avatars. That's fine, but it's not as dynamic as I'd like it to be in some ways. The Ascendant feels kind of wizard-esque: really well suited to a situation he can plan for, but kind of limited otherwise. But he's not as powerful as a wizard.

    In general, I quite like the class. It's strong and flavorful *but I feel like switching back and forth between Avatars should play a more prominent role in its abilities, possibly at an earlier level. Switching as a full-round action 1/encounter at level 3-5 would be fine, I think, and not much more powerful than Adaptive Style. Then you could have the ability scale, probably by allowing the switch as a standard or move action, and pushing the 1/day swift change farther up toward the capstone.

    Quote Originally Posted by eftexar View Post
    The biggest problem I see with this class is that it has a lot of both versatility and power. I think it makes it to tier 2 because of this.
    That's not what Tier 2 means. Tier 2s can break the game in at least one way, but not in every possible way. It might be very high Tier 3. But it's not Tier 2.

    IMHO, it's not very high Tier 3. Probably more like mid-Tier 3.

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    Ah, I see your confusion; the damage scales by every other level, so you cap out at 10 dice, not 20. They get some abilities, like the Fireball; that scale to 20, but that at-wills don't.
    And even if they did scale to 20 dice, that's honestly not as impressive as it looks on the cover.
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