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I quite like the basic idea. Why did you choose to go with Dragon, Phoenix and Fox-spirit? (Also, as a side-point, why "kitsune" instead of "fox," "fox-spirit" or "demon-fox?" Dear Renard is a classic magical trickster in plenty of non-Japanese cultures.)
Because the ideas I had for abilities went well with Dragon and Phoenix, and the trickster theme fit right in with the Kitsune. As a side note, I've never heard of Dear Renard, but I've heard of the kitsune several hundred times. I just went with the theme that I felt more people would be familiar with.

In general, I quite like the class. It's strong and flavorful *but I feel like switching back and forth between Avatars should play a more prominent role in its abilities, possibly at an earlier level. Switching as a full-round action 1/encounter at level 3-5 would be fine, I think, and not much more powerful than Adaptive Style. Then you could have the ability scale, probably by allowing the switch as a standard or move action, and pushing the 1/day swift change farther up toward the capstone.
You're right, the shifting mechanic should be more fluid. To that effect, I've added the Rapid Shifting and Instant Shifting class features, and updated Swift Shifting.