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    Default Re: Wildshifter -- Wild Shape as a base class [3.5] PEACH

    Quote Originally Posted by dspeyer View Post
    For however long you like. Changing the abilities is a swift action, changing the creature a standard one. That was explicit.
    Derp! I need to read stuff more carefully.

    And going all high saves would actually probably suit this class quite well. This class is supposed to be attuned to animals and all animals have high fort and ref (I think). Also, as has been stated, using armour with this class it tricky. The highest AC bonus it can get at 2nd level (with wild defenses) would likely be +6 and that is only if the boar is chosen. Otherwise its around +2 or +3. So this class should at least have high ref so it isn't killed too easily by magic.
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